Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The G's Influence On My Life

Here's a picture of my G's. This was before our wedding. They were in the foyer, taking a little rest before they got seated. Aren't they cute???

Shortly before Christmas I was at my grandparent's house & I saw a bottle cut open like this on their bathroom counter. My G's are very frugal; you can tell they were kids during the Depression. I wasn't surprised that my G-pa had gotten out his pocket knife so that they could get every last bit of lotion out of the bottle.

Fast forward a couple of weeks & my own lotion bottle was refusing to pump. I knew there was lots left so I turned it upside down & shook the lotion out for a few days. Then I asked my hubby to get a utility knife to cut the bottle in half (just like the G's!). He grudgingly obliged, not liking to get lotion on his knife blade :-)

I can't help but think that my G's have been a great influence on my life. Not just in ways of frugality, but in other bigger ways. They pray; they love each other no matter what; they love me no matter what. I'm so grateful God put me in their family.


Alicia said...

What a sweet tribute to your grandparents! They have a fiesty twinkle in their eyes . . . (My hubby would have been upset about a lotion-y blade too.)

Rebecca said...

LOL! My husband TAUGHT me the trick of cutting open lotion! He has even go so far to cut open toothpaste tubes to get one more day! Don't get me wrong, he's not that frugal everywhere else, but when it comes to personal care products he is. I think it is more a desire to delay shopping as long as possible!

Erin said...

Never thought of the lotion trick. Great one. Family is so precious!