Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Found My Tomato

This year for Christmas I asked my parents for a sewing machine. I majored in Home Economics in college; however, I am not a very good seamstress. My husband asked, "Why do you want a sewing machine?" I had no good answer. It just seems like a necessity of the household. I have a pile of mending in the corner of my closet. I was wearing a coat with a huge hole in the right side pocket & three buttons hanging by a thread. I felt like it was time for some sewing to take place. My parents got me the sewing machine. It was time to get down to it!
Last Monday night I started my little projects. First I had to find my crafty storage tub. I have now lived in my house for over a year. Sadly, there are still many storage tubs & boxes stacked up in the basement that I still need to deal with. My excuse - Hello! I got married! I've been totally busy! Yeah, I know it's a feeble excuse but it's all I've got & I'm gonna use it as long as I can!
It actually didn't take long for me to find the crafty tub. I got to digging & found my tomato! It's the pincushion that I used for sewing in college. Mrs. Janke was an excellent teacher. A large part of the reason that I am not a good seamstress is that I tend to be a "Good Enuf'r". As in...

*that plaid doesn't really match up perfectly, but it's Good Enuf
*that zipper still pulls to one side just a bit, but it's Good Enuf
*the waistband doesn't meet up perfectly but I never tuck my shirt in, no one will see it, so it's Good Enuf

You get the idea, I'm sure. My friend Kathleen was in that class, too. She was my polar opposite. She would take a seam out 8 times if the plaid didn't match up. I'm sure Mrs. Janke had moments when she wanted to make us talk each other out of our extremes!
Once I had my tomato & some thread I got busy trying to figure out my new machine. I think it's pretty easy so far. The tension was a little crazy at first but once I got the machine threaded right it seemed to smooth out :-)
A little while later the buttons were nice & secure, the pocket no longer had a hole, & I did some planning for material I found in the tub. I feel inspired to make some curtains & valances for our house, specifically the back door, the bathroom & the bedroom. Hopefully it will be fun! Hopefully I will strive for a little better than "Good Enuf!"


Theo-Ann said...

Sounds like you're having fun with your new toy.:) I love mine, too..it's so fun to create! You'll have to show us pictures of the stuff you're making for your home. BTW, I love my tomato, too...it's actually purple, but it's "good enuf!";) Have a great day!

Erin said...

My hat goes off to you. I can hardly sew a button on by hand. I think I need some lessons.

Rebecca said...

I enjoy sewing also! I haven't had much time lately. Jana is in desperate need of a denim skirt. I have had the pieces laid out on the fabric for about 2 months now. Still no skirt! Poor girl! My goal is to get it done this week. I have a phrase I say instead of Good Enuf. It is "On a galloping goose, who's gonna notice?!" My Great Gma always said that one! She was a FANTASTIC seamstress, so I figured if it is good ENUF for her, it's good ENUF for me! LOL! When you get the curtains done, post pictures! :)