Sunday, January 31, 2010

Gearing Up!

Tomorrow is the big day - my surgery. Those of you who know me well, realize that I am not a very good sick person. I have a hard enough time when I have strep throat or the flu. It's just hard for me to stay in bed; it's hard for me to rest; it's hard for me to miss out on stuff. My surgery has been on the calendar for over three weeks. I've had all that time to rehearse the what-ifs & the if-onlys. I've had all that time to dread being home recovering. I love to be busy. I love to be out & about. I like being useful. All of that is hard to do from the couch.

Since I am a person of action, I have been making lists & gathering things to keep me busy during this forced down time. I took a little pic & you can see all of my busy work up above. I intend to do some reading, including my Bible, a novel that I'm about half way through, & possibly "The Pickwick Papers" by Dickens. Then I have a huge cross stitch project that I want to complete before next Christmas (which mean I really need to get crackin'!). I also have some material prepared to sew some curtains for our back door. After that I have big basket of recipes, newspaper clippings, etc. that I need to go through. I also have the photo book of our wedding pics that I would like to go through & type out a page by page narration of memories we want to keep fresh. I also have about a years worth of magazines to catch up on. And a stack of crosswords that I pilfered from my boss's USA Todays.

Perhaps that is enough to keep me busy. I also want to try to download a new blog template. Never done it before. Don't know how to do it. Hoping I can figure it out. Kinda tired of being green, if you know what I mean :-)

It's common knowledge that my surgery has me totally freaked out. Mike & I have been praying that the Lord will just give me a calm spirit & a peaceful heart. I know He will do that for me. The other day a good friend reminded me that this was all in God's plan for me. He's not surprised I've been sick. He hasn't been wondering what to do about it. He's known all along what would happen & what the outcome will be. I trust Him.

Church today was such a huge blessing to me. The offertory this morning was "Trusting Jesus" which is one of my all time favorite hymns. The special music was "Day By Day," another favorite. And to top it all off, I had so many lovely folks remind me that they would be praying for me, offers of meals to be delivered to usif needed, assurances that my surgeon was 'the best' & all kinds of love shining down. What a blessing - I don't know when I've felt so loved. Our church family is beyond fantastic. They show us the love of Christ in so many ways.

So I'm going to enjoy the rest of the evening with my honey, hopefully get a good night's rest, & go in for some hole punching in the morning *grin*

If you think of it, pray for me - THANK YOU!


Rebecca said...

Praying!!! As soon as you are able post a thumbs up!

Erin said...

I can help with the blog background. Give me a call and I can walk you through it! Love you and praying for you.

ruth said...

Praying today!

Theo-Ann said...

Praying for ya, Mary Ann.:) Get some good rest while you recover. I totally know what you mean about it being hard to stay still while you just want to do things. I was the same way with both my surgeries. I kept reminding myself that it would be better to rest so that I could heal well from the start. There were also people from church that brought meals and came over just to keep me company when Q was at work. My mom even came out to help during my last one. It is so nice to be loved, so enjoy all the help from your friends and family that are nearby.:)

Steve n Vickie said...

looks like you have enough to keep you busy. Hope your surgery goes well. We'll be praying.