Thursday, January 7, 2010

I Was Victorious!

Today's winter storm has changed our surroundings into those of a winter wonderland. Too bad it's too late for Christmas. All day I have been trying to be positive about the weather. The cold weather of winter is bad enough; snow & wind & freezing temperatures just add insult to injury. I left for work this morning in my warm green sweater & brown leather boots intending to be ready to tromp through the inches of snow. I got to work just fine but when our customers started adding orders on like crazy I had my first moment of chicken panic. We had two runs that needed to go to customers 60-80 miles north of here. No way was I wanting to go on either one of those deliveries! My boss is a very kind man; my co-workers must be desperate for overtime. Two of them agreed to work a long day & take those deliveries while I made the drops here in town. I can handle town driving in the snow because there are no ditches for me to end up in. So I made my deliveries around town, confessing my sin of fear all along the way.
After work I got my own car all cleaned off (no small feat b/c it had been snowing ALL DAY!). I have learned the value of a windshield scraper with a long handle. Those short handled little guys do no good at getting the snow off the hood of your car. I ended up scraping it off with my arm. COLD STUFF! Thankfully when I finally got in the car I realized that the gas gauge was on empty before I set off for home. I drove right over to the gas station, pulled my hood up over my head & prepared to pump gas in the freezing wind. I pulled the little lever to open the gas door & discovered that I had a problem. The little gas door was frozen shut. *sigh* I was tempted to just climb back in the car, head for home, praying for the best. But my MacGyver spirit rose up within me & I started digging around in the car for something I could pry on the door with. All I could find was my short handled windshield scraper. It disappointed me yet again b/c it's scraper was really too fat to fit in the crack around the little door. Hmmm...I started rummaging again. There was guy gassing up a big box truck on the other side of the pump & I almost asked for his advice. That kind of thing never really works out for me though. Usually the person I ask for advice looks at me like I've got a third arm growing out of my head before muttering an answer that I can't understand let alone use to help me. So no asking the stranger for help. More rummaging. Finally I decided to try using my parent's house key. It's a big, sturdy, long key so I started chiseling away at the ice filled crack around the door. After several freezing minutes of totally scratching my car to bits, I finally got it open! Sweet victory!
So keep blowing, you mad winter wind! All I need is a key & I can tackle anything you send my way!


Erin said...

MacGyver would be proud. So glad you making it through these cold temps and snow. My parents kept telling me that it hardly ever snows here and is way warmer than northern Iowa. Well, I must have brougth northern Iowa with me, because it doesn't seem much different than what I left behind. Brrr. It's chilly.

Rebecca said...

Hurray for you!! Necessity is the mother of invention!!