Wednesday, August 31, 2011


*I wonder why it took me until I was like thirty years old to discover that cherries are so wonderfully yummy?

*I wonder why I make such stupid mistakes?  And then when I make the mistake it's like I get frozen in mind warp & I have no reaction.  Which looks like a bad reaction of indifference.  Then I wonder why I beat myself up about it for hours afterward.

*I wonder why workdays go so slowly while time at home goes so quickly my head spins?

*I wonder why I do things like buy an immersion blender?  Hello, I don't NEED to be able to make milkshakes at the drop of a hat!

*Sometimes I put on my pants & wonder how they could have gotten so snug...might have something to do with that doggone blender...& then I wonder if I will ever dry my clothes in the dryer again?

*Sometimes I wonder why I write 53 blog posts a day in the secret confines of my mind but I barely manage to get two or three a week actually posted?

*Sometimes I wonder why do we text so much?  Sometimes I miss the sound of familiar voices.

*Sometimes I wonder why something simple like watching "Pride & Prejudice" (again!) can make for such a enjoyable evening?  Try it; it works, I promise!

*Sometimes I wonder if I am the only one who has marinated chicken in a ziplock bag & then spilled the raw chicken yuckiness of said bag all over her kitchen?  And then I wonder if my kitchen drawers (where the marinade very unkindly decided to seep in) will ever be safe?

*Sometimes I wonder at the good grace that my kitchen knives aren't all that sharp.  I'd be missing some fingertips if they were!

*Sometimes I wonder why I have SO MUCH?  It would have been easy for the Lord to put me in a place where I wouldn't have a lot of things.  And yet, here I am. 

You know, some days I just you?

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