Thursday, January 19, 2012

Breathing A Sigh of Relief

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor.  I had finally reached the point.

I had suffered though a really bad round of upper respiratory/sinus infection plus laryngitis plus a cough.  I took my antibiotics according to the directions, used my sinus wash stuff, tried to get some extra sleep, & only worked out with Jillian once so that I could get some extra rest.

And things seemed pretty good.  I felt like it was taking a long time to get back to normal (especially with my voice) but I felt like I was getting there.  Until about a week ago when something completely different flared up.

I don't remember exactly when it started but I think it was shortly after the Jillian Encounter.  I had the requisite soreness of trying a new workout but there was something else.  I had this persistent pain in my right side at the base of my ribs.  At the same time I was kind of having a stomach flare up with some massive acid reflux/heartburn issues.  I was feeling a little uncomfortable & thinking maybe I had just super colossal gas (I know...I shouldn't mention it, but we all have it! so I'm not afraid to bring it up *burp*).  Anyway, I dosed myself with some Gas*X, cut out the gum chewing, raw vegetables, & soda.  To no avail.  The pain just stayed with me & I was getting frustrated.

Yesterday morning I had a worse frog in my throat so I was doing more coughing & throat clearing.  It all made my side really cranky & achy.  I decided I'd had enough pain, enough screaming when Mike hugged me, & enough not being able to sleep on my right side so I called the doctor.  The secretary asked me what I needed & explained that I had a pain in my right side.  She asked if I still had my appendix.  I do.  Had I been nauseous?  Yes, I had due to the reflux.  Had I been running a fever?  No.  Did I still have my gall bladder?  No, it's been gone almost two years.

It was obvious that she was worried about my appendix so I got a call back with an appointment within 15 minutes.  This left me a little nervous.  I hadn't even thought about my appendix!

So then the mental Olympics began.  You know the drill...there's a rational voice in your mind.  In this case it was saying, Seriously?  You're not really sick.  There's no way you have appendicitis!  Then there's the crazy lady voice.  She's the one who says, It's probably not appendicitis, but what if IT IS?  You'll have to have surgery TONIGHT!  You won't be able to go home & get your "Fear Not" book of Bible verses that you used on the day of your gall bladder surgery!  You'd better check your desk & make sure you have everything caught up or you'll get in trouble at work because if you have surgery you'll be gone for at least a week.  Think of all that paid time off you're going to blow through!

That crazy voice lady sure has a lot to say.  She has major problems.

But I hope you understand what I's so easy to let the possibilities of a situation just run away with you & steal all of your joy & peace.

So I prayed & let the Lord shut her up.

And it turns out that I just have strained/sprained/possibly cracked ribs.  No biggie.  I just need to wait it out, take some steroids to help them heal, & lay off the exercise until the pain is gone.

*Whew*  Sometimes it's just no biggie, nothing to worry about!

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