Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Countdown To Christmas!

I'm not sure if you noticed the date, but Christmas is exactly 11 months from today!  Yeehaw!  
I'm not really all that excited about Christmas yet.  I'm just forcing it a bit so that maybe, just maybe I'll remember that one of my 12 goals for 2012 is to have all of our Christmas gifts purchased & wrapped by December 1st.  This year I really want the gift giving thing to take a backseat to what should truly be in the spotlight, the birth of Jesus Christ our Savior.

Who knew you could buy Christmas butter sculptures?
Evidently not many grocery shoppers because I found a bunch of
them displayed at a clearance price after Christmas!

Here's what I need from you all to help me reach my Christmas shopping goal - tell me all about your favorite etsy shops, your favorite DIY gift idea blogs, suggest your favorite people for me to follow on pinterest for inspiration...I need ideas for the young & old, the ones who have everything & those who need a little bit of everything.  I love to choose gifts with intention & I love to give homemade gifts (that don't necessarily need to be homemade by me, therefore the request for etsy shops).

So unleash your vast treasures of shopping knowledge!  I'm ready to get started!


Mrs.T said...

Butter sculptures for the dining table! Who knew? It's got to be a midwestern type of thing. But sort of neat, in a way.

Over on my Christmas blog on a post about January's Rudolph Day, I have a few links that might be helpful in your planning and organizing. The ones on the Christmas notebook might be particularly helpful.

For DIY gift ideas I really like Tip Junkie. I subscribe to their emails and have found some great ideas that way.

If I come up with more ideas I will either let you know or blog about them.

Mary Ann said...

Thanks so much for the ideas, Mrs. T!
I will check those links out & see if they can give me some help :-)