Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wrapping It Up!

 Sometimes I know I'm bad about not giving you the rest of the story...wrapping up all the loose ends.  A long time ago I signed up for an international craft swap.  I told you all about how you could sign up, too.  Then I asked you what I should make & then I told you what I made & then I sent it off without showing you a single pic because Mike had it all packaged up & ready to go before I could blink.  He's handy like that.
Anyway, I never showed you what I received.  And it was such an exciting package - all the way from Australia!
 Zoe was the organizer of the swap & she ended up sending a package to me because my original swapper had to drop out of the swap due to some extenuating circumstances.  Zoe did not disappoint me!  She made me a wonderful colorful zipper pouch & an adorable, delicate cross stitch heart brooch.  The pouch happily resides in the new purse I got for Christmas & the brooch is on the collar of my coat.
I love the color on my gray coat.  I think it really pops.  And since Valentine's Day is coming right up, the hearts are in perfect season!

*Here's a link to Zoe's Etsy shop. In case you have any shopping to do :-)

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