Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

We had a packed, family-filled Easter weekend. We had a nice dinner with my family on Saturday night. Since I hate ham I tried to ignore the fact that I would be eating veggies all weekend. That did not hurt me one bit, I can assure you.
After dinner at M&D's, we colored eggs with Caleb & Maddie. I got to help out. It was so fun. We watched the Butler vs. Michigan State game at the same time. It was a wonder that we didn't smash all of the eggs with all of our hollering & jumping. We are a very animated family.
Here's Caleb with his Easter smile. He is such a great kid. All sweetness with just a smidgen of rascal.

And here's Maddie & me with her set-up. She had to have some help from her Aunt MeeMee. I was more than happy to oblige.
The next morning we were all gathered at church. We presented a cantata with several great songs & a good drama. It wasn't anything really fancy, but so meaningful. Easter is such a blessed day. I love being in church & being so focused on what Christ did for us when He died on the cross & rose again.
My mom always wants to take pics with us after church. She loves to have shots of us in our new duds. Since there is a terrible epidemic of ugly dresses out there (i.e. too short, too low cut, too much-ain't-never-gonna-look-good-or-presentable-on-me), I just bought a new blouse to wear with my black skirt.
Here's the first shot she got of me & Mike. As you can tell, we weren't ready. It looks like I'm try to give him an elbow up the nose. Poor guy!
I was really just winding up to put my arm around him. And yeah, I'm a couple inches taller than my hubs. And I was wearing a couple inch heels. He's not a midget.

So here we are with Momma. We all look so happy & springy!
*Update - I obviously decided against bangs. And I took all that advice you guys gave me about bronzer & I didn't buy it. The coppery shades freaked me out. I bought some sheer color illusion stuff instead. I think it's doing ok. I can give myself some really rosey cheeks with it!

And here is Beth's crew. They were smart & had their pic snapped outside. I love to see Caleb in a suit & Maddie's hat is fabulous. She was so excited to wear it.
I'm so grateful that we get to spend time worshipping at church as a family. I'm also so glad that we have so much family that we ended up having four Easter dinners that weekend. We had fabulous egg hunts, great meals, great conversation, & lots of hugs. Mike & I have decided that we need a vacation to get away from all the food *grin*
Hope you had a blessed Easter, too!


Erin said...

You looked fabulous!

Rebecca said...

I love Easter celebration of the Resurrection. I love the celebration of winter being over (or almost over!) It is so fun to get the kids new clothes! Your blouse is beautiful! Love the color!

Mary Ann said...

Thanks, girls! I got that blouse for just $20. I didn't think that was too bad b/c it wasn't on sale. I wish you guys had posted Easter pics!