Wednesday, April 14, 2010

*YAWN* Gettin' Weary

Ever have one of those days when you think to yourself, "Self, I realize that it is only 5:30 in the evening, but I think we should just call it a day & go to bed. Yep, that's a good idea!"
That's how I felt last Wednesday.
Wednesday's tend to be a struggle for me. I don't know if it is just b/c it's the middle of the workweek or what, but Wednesday usually ends up being Bad Attitude Day.
Last Wednesday was no exception. I had a very atypical work day. I ended up making deliveries & being out of the office for most of the day, including an extra two and a half hours after my normal quitting time. I didn't get off of work until 5:30. Then I had to race to the gas station for a fill up (or I might as well have just decided to walk home b/c the amount of gas I had wasn't ever gonna make it). Then I had to race home, scarf down dinner, & then race to church. And I was late. So late that I wasn't even sure where Pastor was speaking from in the Bible. Grrr. That makes me irritable. Did I mention that it was pouring down rain & I got soggy on my way into church?
After prayer group (which I must mention, is always uplifting even if it does sometimes makes me a little drowsy - just keepin' it real!), I headed up for choir practice. My mistaken notion was that practice would be really short. We had just finished longer rehearsals for the Easter cantata so I assumed Aunt Ruth (a.k.a. The Choir Director) would pull out something familiar & easy. About 40 minutes later we had drudged through several hard songs & still had nothing for the following Sunday. Grrr. It doesn't help that I am super opinionated about music & I didn't even like the hard songs we were practicing. Finally we got something familiar & easy out, ran through it & then we could head home. *sigh*
I got home around 9:30 & announced to Mike that I was done with the day. There were dishes that needed washing, rooms that needed tidying, planning to be done for the next day but I just checked out. My grumpy, tired self sat on the couch vegging for a while & then I went to bed.
The night's rest brought a little clarity to my weary mind. The next morning I was ashamed of myself. The Lord reminded me of Galatians 6:9, And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.
I don't think I've ever really reflected on that verse much. My thought used to be, why would I ever get weary doing what pleases the Lord? Why would I ever get that lazy/discouraged/tired/etc.?
Let me tell you why - my sinful nature. I just get so caught up in what has gone right or wrong according to my plan for the day. My thinking tends to be so me-focused. The Lord used all of the events from last Wednesday to remind me that it's all about Him. What He wants in my days & what He wants from me in my actions & probably most of all what He wants to be reflected in my attitudes.
So when I am weary of:
showing the love of Christ to others (especially those who are unlovable)
being faithful in church attendance (in spite of circumstances)
being faithful in devotions
being faithful in witnessing
being faithful in praise & thanksgiving
and so many other things...
I need to remember that "the joy of the Lord is my strength."
And I need to remember, "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."
I hope that you aren't weary this Wednesday. I hope that I can do a little better to please my Lord this evening than I did last week!


Rebecca said...

Oh, Mary Ann, so true! I had one of those days on Tuesday, but I am afraid I didn't manage to perform as well as you. Wednesday brought lots of apologies to my family for actions/attitudes from Tuesday. But I am glad for God's word setting us straight! Psalm 147 was my reminder.

Mary Ann said...

I am so glad that God's word sets up straight, too. What would we do without it? I am also grateful for forgiveness. Isn't it sweet when the Lord & our loved ones extend mercy to us through forgiveness?
Thanks for mentioning Psalm 147. I'll give it a read-through!

Erin said...

I totally understand!!! I'm very weary, but have a hard time calling it a day when I just want to get my house done. I have been very neglectful to things that need to be a priority. Great reminder...thank you!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Such a great reminder - thanks!

Heidi said...

Thanks for being so real. I, too, struggled Wednesday. Getting home from work only to eat dinner way too quickly and run out the door again, is not fun. Choir was also a struggle. Your reminder to "not be weary in well doing" was timely.

Anonymous said...

That was great..thanks for sharing...i so needed to hear that.