Saturday, April 10, 2010

Visitors From Kentucky

My brother's family came for a little visit this weekend. Poor guy, he didn't get to come. Too many items on his Honey Do List. I think he spent some quality time patching drywall. We spent some quality time hanging out at the black light mini golf course!

Here are M&D with Whitney & Aidan. I couldn't get Aidan to be still for the pic. Kinda reminded me of trying to get his pic at the wedding. He was the best ring bearer - all over the place causing some hilarious commotion. The kid can't stop moving. I think that's why I love him!

He's got a great smile, doesn't he? He looks a lot like his mom's side of the family, but most of his facial expressions remind me so much of my brother. He's a blonde Andy. Sometimes it freaks me out.

And here's Whitney. She's gotten so big I can't hardly stand it. She is in first grade now & loving her Spring Break this week. She had her own little personal cd player to listen to in the car. She was crackin' me up with her singing. One of the songs had the words, "Chicken noodle soup" over & over. Not sure what that was all about.

Here's Safari Joe a.k.a. my Dad. He was hilarious during the mini golf b/c he didn't want to play. All he really wanted to do was coach us. And he did. Every hole. Every swing. Too funny.
Have I mentioned that I don't really putt the ball? I'm more of a scooter/scooper. It was driving him crazy. I like to drive him crazy *evil laugh*

And here we are again. I was so totally posing in this shot, wasn't I? Too funny!
It was a great little outing with my parents, Whitney, & Aidan. I don't usually tag along for those little fun times, but I'm glad I did. It made getting up early to mow the grass totally worth it!


Megan (Best of Fates) said...

That looks like an amazing putt putt golf palce - I used to love those when I was little!

Mary Ann said...

Megan, it was pretty amazing! And putt putt is never so fun as when you play with a hyperactive 4 & 7 year old!