Friday, April 9, 2010

Meeting Miss Lauren

I have some great friends. We seriously go way back. Way back as in second grade. I remember being best friends with a skinny little red-headed girl whose name was Amanda. A girl who chewed her finger nails down to the nubbins. We were such good friends that I started chewing my nails, too. My mom had to paint them so that I was afraid to chew them. Good Momma, huh?

Anyway, my friend from way back has been like one of the family. Beth calls her a great friend, too. And Amoke' is in that crew, as well. So even though she now lives an hour away, when big things happen, we are all there. Big things like having a baby!

Recently we all piled into my faithful little Corolla, armed with fixins for a couple of meals, lots of diapers & presents & we drove over to see Amanda, Steve, Merideth, & their new little girl Lauren.
We had fun. We took pictures :-)

They have the most luscious furniture. Don't you love the looks of that love seat? Cozy, comfy, wonderful. If I could have loaded it up in my car & taken it home with me I would have!

Here's the sweet momma & her new little cuddle bug! By the way, Amanda doesn't chew her nails anymore. I think she would want me to tell you that.

Beth & Merideth spent some quality time together. This little gal is a treat! I enjoyed playing with her quite a bit. She is already learning to be a good big sister. Beth can teach her a lot of things about that!

And just to answer the question that I know is humming around in your mind right now. Holding sweet little Lauren did not send my hormones into orbit. They weren't raging a bit. Might have had something to do with the fact that Amanda was limping around like I was after I had my gall bladder surgery. She had to have a c-section b/c Lauren was breech. Something about that whole story was a big 'ole dose of birth control for this little lady! But Lauren is such a sweet dolly. We were there all evening passing her around & she only cried once. That's a good baby.

Don't you just love their miniature-ness? The little ears, little nose, little precious.


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Erin said...

Sorry I've been absent. Just caught up on your last few posts. So glad you had so much fun with the girls. And love your dinner party. I need to have one, but need to get my house in order first. At least a finished bathroom. :)

Heidi said...

Mary Ann, I WAS thinking about how you were feeling as you held that precious baby. You can't stress over the pain that delivery may bring (or the recovery), because once that baby is in your arms so much loves wells up inside you that you completely see that is was all worth it. So much so, that you're willing to do it again! :-)

Mary Ann said...

Heidi, you are so right. I'm just such a Super Wimp. Who knows what the Lord has in store - maybe we'll have eight kids! Heehee - that's how rumors get started!