Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anniversary Vacation Day One

I believe that sometime before I left for our Anniversary Vacation I mentioned that I had compiled a huge list of things we could do. Here is that list:
  1. Hike at Turkey Run
  2. Have lunch at George's Cafe
  3. Go antiquing somewhere new
  4. Go to Clay City Pottery
  5. Go to Cataract Falls
  6. Go to Shakamak State Park
  7. Go to Bloomfield
  8. Go to a minor league baseball game
  9. Watch a movie
  10. Ride our bikes
  11. House project
  12. Yard project
  13. Go to Brown County State Park
  14. Go to McCormick's Creek State Park
  15. Go to Ikea (wherever the closest one is)
  16. Go to Nashville, IN
  17. Go to Home Depot in Crawfordsville
  18. Go to dinner at Bobe's in Sullivan
  19. Go to the Mall of America
  20. Cook/grill something new
  21. Try the new BBQ place in town
  22. Go to Vincennes
  23. Complete all my training workouts

I think it might be obvious that I like lists & that I don't like sitting still for too long!

So...what all did we get done? A whole lot more than I thought we would!


We started out the day at a leisurely pace; our first stop was a gas station so I could get a cup of coffee. Right across the street we noticed an antique shop we had never been in before. We headed right over. It was a gem of a find. This particular shop had an abundance of furniture & it was all labeled as to what style it was. And the shop owner had a love of opera. We browsed while listening to Puccini. It was interesting & educational :-)

Then we went to George's Cafe for lunch. It's a wonderful Lebanese restaurant that I will have to blog about in more detail later. We ran into Mike's mom, sister, aunt & cousin who were also there for lunch. It's a family favorite. I tried falafel for the first time & it was delish!

After lunch we set out to find a couple of antique stores in a nearby town. We were just driving along & not paying too much attention so we didn't actually find them - lol! So we just took a turn south & headed to Bloomfield by way of Clay City Pottery.

Mike & I have a terrible weakness for pottery. Especially pottery that is made locally. On our way home from our honeymoon we stopped at Clay City Pottery so we decided to make it a bit of an anniversary tradition. We found a couple new pieces to add to our collection & I found an excellent birthday present for my dad. Very profitable shopping!

Then on to Bloomfield...Mike's dad is a lay pastor in a Wesleyan church. When Mike was growing up his dad was assigned to a church in Bloomfield. That's where they lived every weekend for many years. Mike has a lot of fond memories of the place so a couple of times we have driven down there so that he can show me some of his old haunts. On this particular day we drove out in the country to find the nearby covered bridge.

When Mike was a kid they had closed it & wouldn't allow any car traffic. Evidently it has been restored & is now open.

It might come from being raised in this part of Indiana, but I love covered bridges. They seem so full of history...

We probably looked like total nerds taking our pic by the bridge, but I had to have at least one shot!
After our Bloomfield tour we headed home. We stopped & rented a couple of movies. We decided that it would be a great idea to pop in a movie & eat BBQ from the new restaurant while relaxing on the couch. Turned out to be an excellent idea! We watched "When In Rome," had a couple of laughs & some great food.
Much later that night we weren't really sleepy so we headed out for a drive in the country. We took some crazy winding roads & it got really foggy but it was fun. That's what I love about being on vacation - if you get a crazy idea late at night you can run with it & not worry about getting up in the morning - ahhh...true relaxation!
Yeehaw! In the first day we knocked SIX items off of our list! And it was so much fun!
Stay tuned for Day Two...

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