Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anniversary Vacation Day Two

Here's the exciting scoop on Anniversary Vacation Day Two!
Thank you very much for pretending to be interested.
I love you all very much :-)
First of all, we did what we do best - we slept in. Once that important work was done for the day, we got up, threw some water bottles into a cooler & headed out!
Saturday was our official Hiking At Turkey Run Day.
I *heart* Turkey Run.
Can I just say that it was HOT.
I'm not sure what all trails we did. We just wandered around for a couple of hours.
It was great. I was able to enjoy two of my most favorite things:
Michael's company & the great outdoors.

And there was another covered bridge!

My pictures totally don't do the wonderful scenery any justice.
The more I blog, the more I want a better camera & the
more I want to take better pictures.

This could get expensive.

After we exhausted ourselves hiking & after a post hike dirt/mud check, we decided it was time to head to Crawfordsville to check out the Home Depot.
I'm sure you are wondering why?
Because we are nerds. Nerds who are up to their necks in wood working projects & DIY home improvement projects. And we don't have a Home Depot in our town.
We had to see what we were missing.
Apparently not much because we didn't buy anything :-)

After swinging through a Taco Bell drive thru, we headed home. I was dying to get cleaned up. When we got home I went straight for the shower. After a few blissful moments of hot water & sudsy soap I heard The Dreadful Gurgle.
The Dreadful Gurgle occurs when our sewer begins to get blocked by tree roots. Ugh. We have this problem repeatedly. Sure enough, by the end of my shower the water wasn't draining. Thus began our daily trips to the parent's houses to use their functional plumbing. It was a little sad to blow the we are not really here aspect of our staycation but it was nice to see the parents. We have some great parents.
They have some great plumbing.

We consoled ourselves with some stuffed crust pizza & another movie.

Two more items checked off of our list!

Now on to day three...

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