Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Little Slice of My Style

Used to be, I never left the house without a watch on. And by some standards, a lot of jewelry. Now I'm lucky to remember to put my shoes on before I go screaming out the door.
What has happened to me???
Anyway, I was looking for a watch to wear the other day & it occurred to me that I don't wear a watch very often anymore for several very good reasons. This is what I found in my 'watch box'.
This is my simply elegant Movado bangle. I bought it back in the day when I was working at a jewelry store. Back then I had extra cash to throw at silly purchases like an expensive Swiss watch. It totally helped that my discount made it possible to purchase it under cost. I used to wear this one almost every day. It's mirrored face came in handy when I needed to apply lipstick or do a teeth check.
I love dual purpose jewelry.

But this is what it looks like now. I am missing one of the pins that attaches the bracelet. I would get it fixed, but that involves sending it in for repair which is probably an automatic $50. Not happening anytime soon.

This little watch was another jewelry store purchase. It's also missing a pin for the band. Do you sense a trend here? Not an expensive fix, but it does require me remembering to take it to get it fixed. Gotta work on that memory thing.
Incidentally, it has a matching Gent's watch that I sold to both my uncle & my pastor while I was a jewelry sales girl. They have impeccable taste in watches *grin*

Then we have this little beauty. I purchased this Fossil watch with one of my first paychecks after I graduated from college many years ago *sigh* It has a dead battery. Once again an easy fix, but I just gotta get it done. Until then, it sits in the watch box.

This is my Baby G. It has a light that lights up red, green, & yellow while a dolphin swims along the bottom of the watch face. It's cool.
I bought it in Waikiki after my first Baby G got stolen on the beach. The first Baby G had a dancing man instead of a dolphin. The dolphin is fitting for Hawaii, don't you think?
Anyway, I love this watch but I don't wear it much because it has been worn on too many runs & on too many race days. It's a little, how should we say it, sweaty. Not stinky, but sweaty. Which we all know is one step away from stinky & I'm just trying not to go there.

So, this is all that's left in my watch box, & incidentally it's the watch I wear the most. Not real feminine, I know. It's actually one of Mike's watches. He was wearing it one day when we were dating & I mentioned that I really liked the red & black face. The next day when I saw him he had sized it down to fit me so that I could wear it.
So I do. I like wearing his watch.
That is totally high school of me, isn't it? If he had a letter jacket or a class ring you'd better believe I'd be wearing them right now!

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Erin said...

You really don't have much luck with watches. :)