Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things Are A Little Boogered Up Around Here

As you have probably noticed, things are just a little boogered up around here. First of all, my blog background has disappeared without even a civil word of farewell. I had one day with a little box that said to click to visit The Cutest Blog On The Block for details regarding my background & the warning that it would disappear on July 23rd. Delinquent blogger that I am, I didn't take the time to click that little box & voila! the background ran off & got married. Or something. All I know is that it is gone. I tried to download another one but the computer at my work doesn't have a current version of Internet Explorer & I just don't know if I'm allowed to update it. Is that silly of me to worry about? Who knows, I just may do it here in a few minutes & straighten out this booger-y mess!

Also, does it totally crack you up that I copied & pasted a sample graphic so that I could have a nose-picking graphic for this post? Is that illegal? I sure hope not.

In addition to the blog getting all boogered up, my schedule is all boogered up this week, too. Yesterday I went in to work at 7 a.m. (the normal time). Today I came in at 6:30. Tomorrow, Thursday, & Friday I will be reporting for duty at 3:30 a.m. I'm a little nauseous typing that out. I can't believe that anyone can expect me to handle radioactive material at that time of the night/morning...which is it? I have worked the 3:30 shift before, but I have never worked it three days in a row. Oh my heart, it's gonna be painful. Please pray that I don't oversleep. And that poor Mike doesn't oversleep because I will not be there to pinch him, pull his hair, spray water on his face - you know, all the usual it's-time-to-get-up-and-go-to-work-honey stuff.

But there is good news. There is always good news. Since I'll be going in so early, I'll be getting off early, too. I will be able to go swimming with Beth & the kids one afternoon. That will be a lot of fun. I will feel like I have a jump start on the weekend, too. That is ALWAYS a good thing.

And there are plenty of lovely things happening this week. We have flowers blooming. We have had yummy fresh garden produce to eat. I got to help Mike put some paint on our new kitchen shelf so we have made some progress there. I got to meet up with an old friend from junior high last night & go for a long walk. Can you believe that, junior high! All made possible by our little friend facebook. And the super wonderful refreshing thing about it is that she is exactly the same person now as she was then. I love people like that. Definitely a good way to wrap up a Monday night, catching up with an old friend.

Sometimes I definitely feel overwhelmed by the boogery-ness - so much to do! so many places to go! so many miles to get in for my training! so much cleaning/laundry/folding/putting away! weird computer things happening that I have no control over! the endless list of projects that I really want to get done!

And we don't even have kids yet! That is a wonderful adventure that I may never survive, if we get to go down that road. I'm sure some of you mommies that read my blog (I thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days for me! You're swell!), probably think that I need to get a grip & realize how easy I have it...I know, I know...

So in the midst of my swirling sea of overwhelmed-ness, the Lord gently reminds me of all that I have to be grateful for. Surely His timing with those little nudges is absolutely perfect. For example, Sunday night Mike & I were both dreading Monday morning & the inevitable return to work. As we were flipping through the channels we saw part of a news show where they were interviewing people who had been unemployed long term. We were both convicted & convinced that God should be thanked for our regular employment. Every time I feel frustrated or bugged by the messy house or the laundry or the dishes or the grocery shopping that must be done I feel that little nudge - thank God I have such a cute little house! and so many clothes! & we must have had a nourishing meal to produce all those dirty dishes! & we have money to spend at the grocery & a selection of groceries to go to that are fully stocked!

My cup overflows. Every day. Lord, help me never to take Your provision & care for granted.

How have you been counting your blessings lately? Please share & we can encourage one another!


Karen said...

Yep, I get "the nudge" from time to time, too. More often it's the kick-in-the-pants, though. :) Thanks for the reminder.

Steve n Vickie said...

Better busy than board :D Life always slows down eventually, at least for a little while. Hang in there.

malia said...

hey girl! those things just happens sometimes. i love that you got together with a friend from junior high. it's so nice to connect with someone after x amt of years and things feel so natural. Hope you have a great weekend!