Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Aloha! *sniff*

I'm sniffing because we are saying, "Aloha, goodbye" to our friend Cody.
It's not the first time.
She's lived in Hawaii for a long time now.
This last aloha was hard though because we thought the Lord was leading her to come home & go to school.
She'd have been captive here in Indiana for at least a couple of years.  And that would mean we could go get coffee together, watch stupid girl movies together, hang out.  Fun stuff.
At seemingly the last moment (doesn't God work like that? just reminding us that things happen in HIS timing, not ours) the Lord provided a job for Cody back on Kauai.  Her dream job, in fact.  She will be working to get the Bethany Hamilton (yeah, the Soul Surfer girl) Foundation off the ground.  Super exciting stuff!
Before she left Autumn & I met up with her for one last night of girlie fun.  We went to Applebee's to eat sinful desserts & watch the turtle races.  We know how to party.
Great conversations were had all the way around & I was reminded once again of how the Lord has blessed me with such beautiful friends.  And not just cheap glitzy beauty but the inside shining through to the outside kind of beauty.  And they both like Irish music like Celtic Thunder & Gaelic Storm.  Yeah, I have the best friends *grin*
Right before we called it a night Mike had to come to my rescue because I had lost my keys.  When he arrived at Autumn's house I asked if he would take a pic of us girls.  I forgot that Autumn is so twitchy that she can't sit still for a pic.  So the one shot turned into many hoping we could get her to behave. 

In this one Autumn was talking.

In this one she was just being ornery.

Come on, Autumn!  Focus!

Now we are all giggling!

I think Mike just scolded her.

This is her 'model' face.

We have officially given up.
 We miss you, Codes! 

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malia said...

aww... you need to go visit your friend in Hawaii! Love the cute pix!