Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Dream Garden

I've joked a lot this year about our 'yard tomatoes'.  They can't be called garden tomatoes because they didn't grow in a garden.  They just happened to spring up in various places all over our yard (which makes for a strange sight, trust me).  Personally I don't think they just happened to spring up all by themselves or whatever.  I think those five tomato plants are the direct result of a conversation I had with the Lord early this summer.  You see, the past several summers I have had a major case of Garden Envy.  I would love to have a garden.  I would love to grown tomatoes (obviously!), green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, carrots, corn, onions, garlic, vast amounts of basil, green peppers, potatoes, blackberries & even have a small apple orchard.  I know, I know...I have no ambition *grin*

Anyway, there are several roadblocks to my gardening plans.  Number one, Mike isn't really into it.  He's just not much of an outdoorsy guy & he doesn't really enjoy yard work.  I don't think he would need to be too involved once all the ground work was done but...Number two, we have some stinky stupid soil.  It's full of broken bricks, glass, terra cotta pipe & good old rocks.  And it's sandy.  It would take some elbow grease to get a garden plot ready & prepped to grow well.  Number three, I can't hardly get my chores done as it is. 

So, I had a heart to heart with the Lord a while back.  I said, You know I want a garden.  You also know that it's just not going to happen at this time.  I'm going to try (please help!) to maintain a good attitude about it - especially when I see other gardens or read about them on my friend's blogs.  Amen. 

Fast forward to now & I have five thriving tomato plants that I think the Lord gave us.  We have so many tomatoes that we almost can't eat them all.  But we're working on it *grin*  And the Lord has been super gracious to help me with my Garden Envy.  I even took a bunch of pics of the garden that my sister & her husband planted - I didn't even pout as I pointed & shot.  It's a fabulous garden - the stuff of my dreams!

Look at those lush green leaves! 

They have a whole row of blackberries & this is the first year that they really produced well.
They shared with us; I can't wait to use them!

See that sweet baby zucchini?

Since they live out in the country surrounded by farm fields they have a little deer problem.
Under that bucket is a radio set to a rock music station. 
It scares the deer away!

Alas, it doesn't scare the coons!  They ate all of their corn this year. 
Maybe someday Mike & I will have a garden like this...or maybe the Lord will just give us some more 'accidental' plants!

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Devin said...

What a great looking garden! I sure hope God answers your prayers in that way, Mary Ann...gardens are such a blessing. A TREMENDOUS amount of work, most certainly--but a huge blessing, too!