Wednesday, August 24, 2011

There are some things in our day to day, week to week lives that just become part of our routines.  Simple things like grocery shopping, showing up for work, or even scheduling get togethers with friends or dentist appointments.  And while I am going about these regular, normal things there are little extras in my life that I know are gifts from my faithful, loving God.  There are too many of these extras to mention in one blog post but I wanted to write about just one of those blessings - Teressa. 

I first came to know Teressa when she was my Children's Church teacher.  She told us countless Bible stories & always had the best games planned for us.  It was exactly what  a Children's Church class should have been.

As I grew up & promoted out of Teressa's class I didn't have as much contact with her.  But she was a constant presence in our church, faithful as faithful can be.  And though over time her health faded, her smile never did.  My sister started helping her with her house cleaning & I found out some fascinating things about Teressa.  She was a skilled propagator of violets.  Beth said they decorated her house with beauty.  And Teressa rode a stationary bike for several miles every day, no matter what.  And she was in her 80's!

Sometime in the past 10 years or so our church set up a prayer chain.  When they drew up the diagram they put my name with a straight line leading to Teressa's name.  And this is when Teressa became the biggest blessing to me.  Taking my calls, listening with care, making concerned comments about people she most of the time didn't even know.  She taught me about faithfulness, she taught me about prayer, & she became such a sweet friend.  She even asked me to be the second call after her daughter on her Life Alert system.  I was so honored (as goofy as that sounds). 

A few weeks ago we said farewell to Teressa when she went home to heaven.  When the prayer line calls come in now I miss her most.  At her funeral her family had brought in a table full of violets.  They asked that we take one home to remember Teressa.  We grabbed this little beauty & have been trying to nurture her well.  Right now she has even more blooms than are pictured here.

When I look at this pretty little flower I remember Teressa & her life well lived for the Lord.  I also remember the Lord & how He brings so many beautiful extras into our lives to add some sparkle to our day to day, duty-filled routines.  And I'm so grateful.


Joyce said...

Surprisingly, my violets are still alive after a year and have bloomed more than once. I don't give them the love and care Teressa did, but I have great memories of her every time I take care of them.

Beth said...

Oh to be a Teressa in someone's life someday! This was beautiful to read and reminded me of some dear ladies the Lord has put in my life over the years.