Monday, August 15, 2011

Applesauce & Song

Recently I have been made very aware of how important it is to have some sort of activity that you can fall back on when you've had one of those days & you just need to relax.

You know, big time relax...when you get to pull your shoulders down from your ears & ease the frown between your eyebrows.  Ahh...doesn't that feel better?!

In this quest for relaxation I have discovered something about myself.  I really like to peel apples.  Peel 'em up, slice 'em up, rah, rah, rah!  And once they are peeled you can make yourself some fab.u.lous apple sauce.

You start with a bunch of Granny Smith's & you can even get a little loosey goosey with it & add some Golden Delicious or Gala or whatever makes you sing. 

And if you have a cute little cutting board & a corer/slicer you're doing just fine.  I actually prefer to have a sharp paring knife & a compost/garbage bin & I go to town.

Once you get your crock full to the brim, add a little apple juice or water, put the lid on, & let it simmer away for hours.  Those bad boys will get all cooked down & scent your house with a heavenly aroma. 

If you don't like apple sauce, if apples give you hives, or you hate crock pots I have another relaxation exercise for you.  Grab some cd's (preferably some opera or broadway show tunes).  Get in your car.  Drive to a remote area.  Roll down the windows, crank up the opera/show tunes & sing along at the tip tip toppy of your lungs.  Really dig down deep & reach for those high notes.  Scream it out, if necessary.  Get your tunes on with the windows down on a sunny summer day & I dare you to not be totally relaxed.  You might even giggle.  I know I do *grin*


Sarah said...

I love applesauce and have been thinking about making it A LOT lately! :)

Mary Ann said...

Hello, Sarah! Thanks for stoping by :-) I highly recommend making some applesauce; it does a body good!