Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Avoiding Fatal Eye Contact

Perhaps I should first define fatal eye contact. It's that moment when your gaze meets up with a stanger's gaze & they feel compelled to whistle, yell, eye-flirt, or react in some other inappropriate, unwelcome manner. Since it is way too cold & snowy to run outside I have been logging a lot of running miles at our local Family Y. They have a nice row of treadmills, but unfortunately facing the treadmills is a line of weight equipment. So I can be running along minding my own business & another exerciser could potentially park right in front of me, facing me, & begin lifting. I find this to be very uncomfortable & the perfect set up for fatal eye contact. My plan to manage this situation is to not wear my contacts. I wear my glasses in there, get my treadmill & ipod all set up to go, take my glasses off & then the world is one big blur. Thusly, fatal eye contact can be completely avoided.


Alicia said...

That's one way to handle it! But what if mr. right wants to wink at you and you totally miss it?

Adele said...

Just make sure you know where all the controls are (especially the off button) before you take your glasses off!

Have you thought of wearing sunglasses? :)