Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Ground Hog Lied!

I have lost all faith in PA Phil (I have no idea how to spell his real name). Just last week he failed to see his shadow & we were all promised an early spring. I type out this little post huddled in my room, swaddled in fleece against the cold, and watching the snow pelt down with out ceasing.
And I ask myself, was the celebration of Ground Hog Day in vain? We went all out at my workplace and had donuts and the whole deal. The festive air was lovely because it had been a whole month without a holiday and nothing to look forward to except Valentine's Day. Since I work with all men they don't even really consider Valentine's Day a holiday. It's more of a gifting obligation in their minds. So we all welcomed the idea of Ground Hog Day as a holiday to celebrate (ok, maybe the guys were just excited about the donuts), but now I'm completely disillusioned.
Pardon me, I've got to go get a blanket.

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