Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Snowmobiling Sunday

I have to confess that I thought this past weekend was going to be a bust. I had to work late Friday night, on Saturday I had to run six miles and there was snow everywhere so it was treadmill time. Yuck-0. And I also had no plans for Sunday afternoon (and I am not the Sunday afternoon napper-type). So I was delighted to get a text from Andy shortly after the morning service saying, "Going snowmobiling after lunch. Do you want to go - yes or no". Oh yeah! A quick change of clothes later and I was on the road.
When I got to the Lehman's, Pastor was concerned that I would not be warm enough. Mrs. Lehman quickly found a hat, ear muffs and a neck warmer. Here's a pic of the hat - it's a beauty!

On the first ride Andy drove but then I decided to give it a try. He came along so that I wouldn't tip over on the turns. He put some excellent leans into the ride to keep us from having any tumpage. I think I topped out at 20 mph. I'm such a dare devil!Dave & Becky came along for a ride as well. It seems that they have a very peaceful marriage until it comes time to decide who will drive the snowmobile. It appears to me that Becky is in the driver's seat, but Dave had ideas about reaching around her to drive. A couple of screams and a few swats later, he was subdued and they were ready to go - with Becky firmly in control!

The only thing that makes me sad it that we had Carol with us, she took a ride too, and I have no pictures of her adventures. A big kudos goes out to her for supplying me with these pics. I had my camera too, but I left it at the house where it would be really useful! :-)


Adele said...

Looks like fun! Can you believe I grew up in WI and have never been snowmobiling? I've got to try it some time.

Alicia said...

Looks like you had a great day for snowmobiling! Was it warm at all or just sunny?