Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tomorrow is March 1st!

I know it is a bad idea to wish your life away, but I am so excited that as of tomorrow February and all of it's wintery brutishness will be behind us and March will be here. I realize that March can be terrible in it's own right with snow and ice and all that yucky stuff, but March means that Spring is that much closer. And knowing that Spring is closer makes me so happy. I love Spring because of the way it smells (think damp, sunshiney scents), because of Easter, because I can usually run outside every day once again, because the days get longer, and because I'm not usually cold 24/7.
For anyone who reads this blog, what is your favorite season and why?


Adele said...

I'm with you! Spring is my favorite season of all. I feel like it is the time for everything to come to life again - the flowers, the trees, the grass, the birds (by returning and building nests), and the celebration of new life through Jesus Christ at Easter. And now we have Peyton's birthday to celebrate in the spring!

Troy & Sherry said...

I pretty much love every season - they all have the good and the bad :)i do love spring and the freshness of it...i love summer for the warmth, long days and a tan...i love fall for all the colours and i love winter for the was great seeing you last weekend....we will do it again soon...anything interesting you want to share with us :)
love ya!

Alicia said...

I used to love all seasons equally but now that I have an energetic toddler I'm really pulling for summer! I can't wait to get out there in the park's wading pool, romp around on the playgrounds, go for long walks, and just be outside to enjoy warmth and summery sun.