Monday, February 12, 2007

My Super Bowl Party Experience

I had the opportunity to spend Super Bowl Sunday with some great friends. We all went to the evening service and the party was a convenient walk across the yard to the parsonage. We had partiers of all ages - here is Nathaniel playing with his Uncle Andy as part of the pre-game festivities.

Here's a picture of me looking the part of a Big Time Colts Fan...thanks to Bob for the hat! I love it!

And here's a snap of the entire party. Those of you who attended Northland with me might remember Becky Allen. She was at NBBC from the fall of '95 until the spring of '97. That's her on the left with her husband Dave, then there's Dave's brother Andy, me and Autumn on the couch. The lady in the front is Carol (Dave and Andy's sister).

All in all, a good time was had by all, those who watched the game and those who didn't. I'm not sorry to say that I can't offer any opinions on plays or commercials because I didn't watch a bit of it. The Colts won and that's all I care about!


Adele said...

No fair! You can't look great in a hat too. You truly passed yourself off as a loyal Colts fan - you shouldn't have made any confessions about not watching the game!

BTW, what WERE you doing? :)

Alicia said...

How in the world can you be a colts fan and NOT watch any of their winning superbowl game? Strange . . . That little Nathaniel is a cutie pie!