Friday, August 13, 2010

Hi Y'all!

I feel like I have been gone a LONG time!
Did you miss me just a little? I hope so!

I have so many things that I'm all excited to tell you about...things I've been thinking, things I've been doing, things that have happened to us...lots of things.

But it's not really story telling time right now. My boss & I are excited because we are in the last hour of our workday - we have decided that the last hour is the quickest hour of the day. We are both very happy about that!

So, I'll just throw out a little list of teasers & make you want to come back for the whole story!

  1. I went on a trip to PA & had a reunion with some of my college buddies. There was fun, there was storytelling, there was pic sharing, & we went to some interesting places. Stories & pics to come!
  2. Mike had a run in with one of his power tools. There's a big story. There are a couple of gory pics. Tune in if you think you can handle it!
  3. We did a good deed & a stranger gifted us for it. There is still some good in this world.
  4. We had birthdays. There will be a party Saturday night. There will be cake. There will be family. There will be candles. Does it get any better?
  5. Mike has been working on some new things for the house. I love, love, love the things he makes. I just hate his power tools. I've been trying to convince him to go primitive; my efforts are in vain.
  6. We have some blooming flowers in our yard. Who knew we could do it?
  7. There has been some crafting. And some baking.
  8. It's been very hot. Training for the half marathon has been rough. Time for an update so you can see what a slacker I am.

That's probably enough. I have many posts to write, don't I? Hopefully I'll get it done!

When I got back from my trip my google reader was exploding with over one hundred unread posts. Slowly throughout the week I've been catching up. Maybe I'm a weird-o (that's a very shaky 'maybe'!) but I just love keeping up with all of my blogger friends. I hope that my posts are fun for you. Thanks for coming. Thanks for being my friend.

"Thanks for noticing me."

Name that character!

Have a great weekend!


Carrie said...

Welcome back!! I missed your posts and was wondering where you went!! Glad you are back in blogland now, and can't wait to hear about your adventures. I agree about power tools, too . . . dangerous little buggers! I know they're oh-so-important to our guys (and I'm very thankful that their lives are made easier), but they scare me a bit too. So far the only one I will use (other than drills and stuff) is the chopsaw because it has a nice guard thingy on it and I'm verrrry careful. :) Jim has had run-ins with lots of things before but thankfully hasn't cut off any fingers or anything so far!

Looking forward to all your stories--post soon!! :)

Rebecca said...

Glad you are home and so excited! I was very happy to see you and hug the one whom I have been reading about!

malia said...

hi... like your new background! sounds like you are busy but good! happy birthday (?) and hope you have a wonderful week!