Thursday, October 6, 2011

Aunt MeeMee To The Rescue!

I know that some people are puzzled by the fact that I have a Bachelor's Degree in Home Economics & I am not a Home Economics teacher.  Lots of folks think that teaching would be the only reason you would choose to major in Home Economics (I think it's Family & Consumer Sciences now but I'm not sure).
Anyway, I majored in Home Ec because I thought it was what the Lord wanted me to do.  Now I have a job in the pharmaceutical industry & that's just fine.  I have plenty of other opportunities to use my skills.
For example, last Friday my sister called.  She was in a bit of a panic.  Her daughter was supposed to volunteer with her Girl Scouts troop at a pioneer village the next day.  The problem was, the pioneer girl outfit that Beth had ordered online had not arrived.  What to do?  What to DO?  I sent her to the store for some material & some elastic.  Beth & Maddie arrived on my doorstep at about 9:30 that evening (*yawn*) & we made Maddie an ankle length skirt.
I'm no excellent seamstress.  Especially when I'm working without a pattern.  It was a lot of fun, though.  I got to show Maddie several things along the way & tell her step by step what I was doing.  She was a bit fascinated.  She especially like the sewing machine because she had never seen one before.

And here is the finished product (at about 11:15 p.m.).  It didn't take quite two hours & with all of our chatting along the way, I think that's pretty good! 

Maddie went to her activity the next day & had a great time.  She completed her outfit with a white apron.  And I'm sure you've already guessed, when they got home they found a package by the mailbox with her outfit in it!

Here's the whole troop.
Those are some pretty cute pioneer girls!

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