Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Beginning Band

I don't know how all of you might feel, but I love the feeling that you get when things come full circle.  You know, when an issue gets resolved or someone close to you gets to experience something that you experienced in the past. 

Last night I felt that full circle kind of feeling in relation to my oldest nephew, Caleb.  He's in sixth grade this year & will turn 12 next month *sob*  He's within six inches of being as tall as his Aunt MeeMee & I can't get him to hold still long enough to see if I can still pick him up for cuddles.  It's so sad.

He's got a great smile.
For reals, he's one of the sweetest kids. Ever.
Last night was his first band concert.  He's a trombone player in the making.  I piled into the car with Mom & the G's to attend the festivities.  I wonder how many other kids had their great grandparents in attendance last night?  When mom told me she would pick me up a full forty five minutes before the concert I was a bit tempted to be a little cranky & ask why.  As you can see from the pics, when we arrived the gym was already so full we had to sit BEHIND the choir, band, & orchestra.  So even though we couldn't see the kids' faces we got to see the faces of the various directors which was a show all of its own!

Mr. H handing out some last minute instructions. 
Probably something like, "Put your mouthpieces on your
trumpets & be ready to play for pity's sake!"

This guy right here?  This is Caleb's band director.  He was my high school band director.  His name is Mr. Humphrey.  I think it's great that he is still doing what he loves - teaching kids to make music.  If I had a dollar for every time he hollered at me on the marching band field I wouldn't have a lot of money, but those dollars would have searingly vivid memories attached.  I don't think I'll ever forget the times I came down on the wrong side of Mr. H.  During marching band practice he used to wear one of those long range microphones & be up high on a scaffolding like stand.  The area surrounding the high school has a lot of shopping & restaurants.  One time my parents were out shopping while I was at band practice.  They heard Mr. H holler my name over the long ranger.  Oy.  I'm still embarrassed.

It was more fun than I expected it be, going to hear a huge group of sixth graders squawk, gurgle, & whine through little ditties like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:"  And it was exciting, too.  Music is with us all of our lives & it can be such a wonderful tool for interaction, worship, fun, motivation, & more.  I hope Caleb likes it.  I hope he sticks with it.  I hope he joins the marching band in high school.  I just hope no one yells at him over the long range mic.


Sarah said...

"Put your mouthpieces on your
trumpets & be ready to play for pity's sake!" haha! So funny!!

Mary Ann said...

Sarah, that is just exactly how he is. I was cracking up during the concert because I could see him singing along with what the kids were playing. Another habit he carried through the years!