Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Latest Addiction

Most of the time I am an all or nothing person.  Usually I find that I am an 'all' person.  If I like something, I have a hard time liking it in moderation (hello, chocolate!).  It's not really a character trait that I'm proud of but it can be helpful in certain situations.  For example, I am a 'nothing' person when it comes to boredom.  I can't hardly tolerate sitting still doing nothing so that tends to make me a productive person (most days). 

This all or nothing personality can make trying new things interesting.  I find that my reactions are seldom moderate.  New foods - I'll scream with delight or gag with disgust.  New movies or books or stories - I'm riveted with amazement or asleep in my chair.  New experiences - I'll be all aflutter with nervous excitement & I'll sign up for the experience again & again or I'll tell everyone in the world that I know why they should never ever do what I just did.

Yep, that's me.

And I recently developed a new addiction.

I signed up for Pinterest.  I know a lot of you have already joined so I am a little behind the trend.  At first I was a little put off - they make you request an invitation to join.  I figured that since I am next to nothing to nobody I wouldn't get in.  I'm not sure why you have to jump through that hoop, but I got in!  I'm so very grateful that they didn't leave me with the nobody-wants-me-on-their-team feeling that you get in elementary school gym class.  What?  That was just me?  ANYWAY, I haven't figured out how to really navigate within the Pinterest website.  I have found people to follow & a few people have found me, which is always fun.  And frankly, what they find to pin is more than enough for me to explore.  I have found so many fun things to look at & dream  If I thought facebook was a black hole of time wasting, Pinterest is the deepest, darkest, worm-holiest, furtherest back corner of the granddaddy of all black holes.  I could be on there all day.  And all night. 

The only consolation is that I might actually find some good recipes & craft ideas while I'm swimming in the black hole.

Come join the fun!


Mrs.T said...

I plead guilty to the same addiction. But I justify it by telling myself it is such a good way to save recipes, craft and decorating ideas. Way more efficient than bookmarking these ideas or trying to save them to my desktop. It really does work that way. I've been able to go back and actually find recipes I pinned and I have even tried some of them. I don't spend a lot of time there, but I could very easily!

Now, I'm off to follow you...

Alicia said...


Mary Ann said...

Mrs. T, thanks for following :-) I'm going to get on there & follow you back!
Alicia, I tried to send you an invite. The site was acting goofy (or maybe it was me?) so you might actually get three or four invites :-)