Thursday, October 27, 2011

Today Feels Like A Day To...CELEBRATE!

Today is October 27th.  In my world that is a special date.  Exactly four years ago today Mike & I went on our first date.
Tiny disclaimer: we segued from being friends to dating without the official Defining the Relationship Talk (something I thought was necessary from watching friends date at Northland).  When trying to recall when our official first date was we kind of hit a stone wall.  But I'm pretty sure it was October 27, 2007.
Anyway, that day was a Saturday.  Mike had asked if I wanted to go get something to eat & see the movie "Dan In Real Life".  Of course I said yes.  I worked at my second job in a retail pharmacy all day that day.  I got off in the late afternoon & had planned on going to visit two of my uncles who were unwell (one in the hospital & one in the nursing home).  When I got off work I received a phone call from my mom that the uncle in the nursing home had actually gone home to be with the Lord earlier that afternoon.  *sigh*  I called Mike to tell him what had happened & that I just wasn't sure if I would be good company for the evening.  He thought that maybe I should go visit Uncle Wayne like planned & then let him know for sure that I wasn't up for the evening out.  Sure enough, I went to see Uncle Wayne & felt so refreshed by that little visit.  So I called Mike, told him we were on for the evening & out we went!
I knew I would have fun with Mike.  I always had fun with Mike.  I just didn't know I would feel so comfortable, so able to truly be myself with him.  We had dinner at one of those Mexican restaurants that we can never remember the name of.  We refer to it as 'the Mexican restaurant where Schlotsky's Deli used to be.'
Exactly one year later, on October 27th, 2008 Mike asked me to marry him.
And the rest is history!

In Mike I have truly found the one the Lord made for me.  I'm blessed beyond what I thought was possible (yeah, o me of little faith!).  It's not always easy - the Lord has used marriage to show me so many character flaws that I was ignoring - but it is so definitely worth it. 

How did you meet your One & Only?  I love 'how we met' stories & engagement stories so it's time to spill it in the comments, people!  Give me your stories!
Second Tiny Disclaimer: That is a super old pic, taken about 3 1/2 years ago.  Don't we look young?  And I love those glasses.  Kept them & wore them until the leg broke off, literally.  I wish I had them back.  That's all.  Over & out.


Debbie Moore said...

Love your post...and love that you & Mike are so happy!

I met Steve when I was waiting tables and he was a customer who came in frequently to a restaurant my sister was running.

Steve asked me out on a bet from her, my oldest sister. He didn't think I would go out with him (being that I was so young (16)and he was soooo old (22) LOL, She bet him $5 that I would. On our wedding day he paid her the $ and Said "I guess I lost", as a joke....I think??

He has always considered our first date the swap of a ride home after work (for me) in exchange for helping wash his car. Not!

We actually went to see Jesus Christ Superstar. Didn't like it then...would really hate it now. But I did enjoy being with him...obviously.

We dated for 2 weeks...Met in July & got married in December.God was in it, of that I am sure! That was 38 years ago. Lots of water under the bridge!

Steve n Vickie said...

Aww! I love hearing the story of how people met and fell in love too. I guess that's why I like chic flicks. Thanks for sharing. Bits and pieces of our story can be found on my blog at the end of the July months(our aniversary). I know one year I posted the whole story. Click on over and read it some time, if you care to.
Happy Anniversary!