Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009 Is Gonna Be Crazy!

This just might be me for the next couple of months. I went to a meeting last night for the training program that I do to prepare for the Indy Mini (my 3rd year in the program - it's a great one...I love it!). Anyway, I met a girl there & we were talking about what else was going on in our lives that we would have to plan our training around. She's in her last semester of nursing school - big time busy, especially since she also has a job. Then I told her what else I had going on & as I listened to myself I started to FREAK OUT just a little bit in the back of my head. Here's what I listed for her:
  • I work two jobs (about 51 hours a week)
  • I am finishing a complete remodel of my house
  • After the house is done, I have to finish moving & unpacking
  • I'm planning a July wedding

Oh. My. No point in totally losing it now. I already signed up for all of this. I've paid the money & now it's time to get the job done. Let's just say that a planner is on the top of my shopping list. I'm going to need to be super organized (ha ha ha) to get it all done & not loose all of my hair in the process (FYI, stress really CAN make your hair fall out).

I'm going to become a SUPER DUPER To Do List Maker!

* this post is actually a clever plea for your prayers ;-)


Adele said...

I'm assuming by your ticker that the wedding date is July 11th. Is that right?

So excited for you. Planning a wedding can be stressful at times (believe me, Ms. Most Accomplished at Being Stressed Out herself), but try to enjoy it. I'm sure it will be beautiful and meaningful.

Erin said...

You can do it!!!!!!!!!! I just had to drop one of the things I had committed to off my plate. I have to just prioritize and commit to what is important. Now that January is here, it's all full swing through summer.

Alicia said...

Oh my. Good thing all things are possible with God, eh?