Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's A Very Small World

Monday night I went to work at my second job. I work as a technician in a retail pharmacy. Mondays are our busiest days & recently our pharmacy has really increased the number of scripts it fills. As a result, the company has been sending us a 'floater' pharmacist every Monday to help cover the busiest part of the day. Some recent Mondays we have been so busy that I have hardly had the opportunity to ask the floater what their name is, let alone have any time to chat. This Monday we were actually a little slow. The floater was a lady I had never worked with before & her name was Carmen. She had a lovely accent & I had kind of assumed that she was Latino. When I got a chance, I asked her where she was from. Turns out, she is from Romania. I told her that I only ever knew one other person from Romania, a girl that I shared a mailbox with in college. Then I said her name b/c I always thought that she had the loveliest first name - Simona. Carmen kind of stared at me for a second & then asked me to repeat her name. So I said, "Her name was Simona B~." Carmen's mouth fell open & then she proceeded to tell me that when her family lived in Romania they attended the church that Simona's father pastored & that she had even taught Simona in Sunday School when she was little. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? How funny! I haven't seen Simona since graduation from Northland & Carmen hasn't seen her since she was a little girl so it's not like it's a close connection, but still! I thought the story was very blog-worthy ;-)


Anonymous said...

Where was Carmen from? By any chance was she from Attica area? I know a Carmen from Attica that I used to go to Church with. It is a small world.

Adele said...

Isn't it weird when things like that happen? When we presented in Rockford, IL this past Sunday we found out one of the members grew up in this area and even lived in our town (1,150 people) while growing up.

To add to your story, I took a seminary class with Simona at Calvary (probably in '01 or 02). I didn't know her from college. I met her brother when we presented there in Dec. and he and his family are friends with Jon & Jeannie. Not sure where Simona is now though.

Erin said...

Wow! I love it when things like that happen. Like who knew Becky's brother was going to be a Contender and spend the whole summer here at camp!