Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Job Update

I have another update concerning Mike's job. Earlier this week I posted
the news that his hours have been cut to a four day work week. He
is right now enjoying his first 3 day weekend. Well, enjoying might be
too cheerful of a word. Anyway, the new news from the plant yesterday
is that they have scored a couple of small orders. Praise the Lord! So,
instead of having work scheduled out just until the middle of February, they are scheduled out until the middle of March. These new orders
should keep them running long enough to get some more orders (Lord
willing). Please keep praying with us! We know the Lord has a plan
for Mike's job; we're just waiting to see how He leads. Along the way I
am learning to be so grateful for what I have - my jobs seems to be very
secure at this point in time. Also, even if neither of us has job security, we have security in the Lord - in knowing that He never fails to take care of His children, in knowing that He always has good plans for His children, in knowing that He loves us. That's really all we need!


Erin said...

Great news! I'll keep praying!

Adele said...

Praise the Lord!

It is an uncertain time right now, isn't it? Jason's hours got cut a little bit too (not a whole day, though). I guess the state is trying to cut costs wherever it can (which I can't blame then for). I keep reminding myself that God has taken care of us before and He'll continue to do so.

It seems there is always a blessing or a surprise sprinkled here and there. Jason lost over a week of income at Christmas due to the way his client's hours work during a school break. At the deacon's meeting last week pastor gave him an anonymous gift of money which helped take the place of some of those lost hours.