Wednesday, January 7, 2009

It's Official!

Drum roll please...I would like to announce that Mike & I have finally decided on a date for our wedding! And it's totally official b/c I've added a ticker to my blog ;-)

The big day will be Saturday, July 11th. I think with an anniversary date like 07/11 neither one of us should ever forget our anniversary!

I hope to take my first dress shopping trip this Saturday with my mom & sister. I'm totally encouraged by the fact that I found two whole dresses on-line that I actually liked. I had started to feel some dismay when I had looked through several magazines & web-sites only to say yuck, yuck, yuck to almost every dress. I'm just not a fan of strapless. or lots of lace. or lots of ruffles. or big full skirts. I want to be able to stand close to the man, for goodness sake!

So, let the preparations begin in earnest. Any of you married (or just especially knowledgeable) folks out there should feel free to pass on any tips for me. Especially if they involve saving money or getting things done quickly & easily ;-) Or any suggestions about the program - songs that can be sung, or readings, or anything. I am kind of shocked at my normally opinionated self - I don't have any idea what I want when it comes to this wedding! Help!


Alicia said...

Congrats on setting a date!! Let the wedding countdown begin!

Your questions are big ones . . . don't know that I can answer them completely in a blog comment. But I can share a few tips that helped us save $. I printed our invitations myself, ordered envelopes online, and picked up some clearance ribbon to match. Then my sis, mom and I took an afternoon/evening and assembled and addressed everything. It definitely saved money but not time! :) We did an appetizer/finger food type of afternoon reception and that cut costs too.

Can't wait to hear about the dress shopping! That's so much fun!

Karis said...

Yeah for a wedding date and yeah for it being a day that's easy to remember. I'm guessing a lot of people will remember your anniversary because of it.

We did a low budget wedding, but the church ladies went all out and made it more beautiful than I would have ever thought by borrowing tons of live greenery for the sanctuary from whoever would loan it. It worked out great because I'm more the muted kind of beauty like the greenery than the fancy stuff. I wasn't opinionated, and it saves money in itself because you're not set on something. It also made it stress-free for me for the most part as I designated decorating and stuff and did very little oversight of it. I couldn't believe how well it turned out although I know this might not always be what happens. Another thing that helped a lot was like Alicia said with the reception (afternoon as well). I asked ladies from the church to bring one thing so it wasn't a lot for them, and it helped us out a ton with food costs for so many people. Two brought veggies, four brought fruit, one did Sweedish meatballs, one did little smokies, three did different kinds of finger sandwiches in cute shapes -- wow, I can't even remember all the foods but everyone did such a nice job.

Personally, I think you just have to decide what your priorities are and don't feel bad about splurging on what's important to you. I had a family friend do our pictures. He did a great job for not being a professional, but this was before having a digital camera was the norm so he didn't know what he had until he had the pictures developed. At the time, I kinda' wished we had gone with a professional, but now that we're eight years out, I'm so glad we have the pictures we have and for 1/5 of the price of a professional. We were really trying to watch the budget so that influenced our decision. I would guess most people would say this is the area not to skimp since you only have one wedding day.

I'm not knowledgeable on weddings. Not sure why I went on and on. I'm excited for you, though.