Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Dress Shopping Pics

I'm a very mean girl b/c I told you all about how I went wedding dress shopping but I didn't post a single picture of the event. All in all, it only took about 2 hours & 4 dresses. The 4th one was IT. And how I love that dress. I just looked at my mom's pics of me in it & oh my...a normal girl really can feel like a princess (sorry...I just watched The Princess Diaries & I'm in Disney overload).

Anyway...the first dress I tried on was so yucky we didn't take any pictures. But dress #2 was actually almost the one I picked. Here it is:

Obviously, it needs some help at the top. The salesgirl thought I was absolutely nuts b/c I kept complaining about how bare all the dresses seemed to be through the shoulder area. The front of this one is very pretty but it was the back that I really loved:

Never thought I'd be a fan of that illusion stuff, but I was. Anyway, we then tried to find some sort of fix for the front. The alterations lady took one of the 'sleeves' that they attach to the strapless dresses. Didn't work. Then she went & got a shawl thing. Here's what she planned to do with it:

Not exactly perfect. And I was starting to feel like we were trying too hard. And this is when they also made me try on a veil. And that's when I decided that I guess I have to have one. At this point there was one dress left to try on - you're right, THE ONE! I don't think I'm going to post a pic of it, though. Gotta have some surprises, right? :-)


Erin said...

You are such a tease!!!!! And here I was being patient and scrolling down too quickly to see the one first.

Michael & Sandra said...

Good! Don't show the real dress. You want your man to be surprised right? Plus, now we all have the anticipation of waiting to see your real wedding pictures. :)

Adele said...

I like the "flowiness" of this dress, but I definitely see what you mean about the fixes to make it comfortable. I too was reading along, not skipping to the bottom, and hoping there might be a pic. BUT, I also thought, "Did she really put a pic on here that Mike could see?" I guess we can be patient. :)

Karis said...

When my sister got married a year and a half ago, I remember going dress shopping with her and we had the same objections about the strapless dresses and the low cut of so many dresses. The lady couldn't figure us out because she thought my sister looked "good" showing "her stuff." One thing that got my sister and I giggling for the rest of the afternoon was when they asked my sister what size jeans she wore. She said size 6 so the lady told us to look through the dresses in that size first. So, we picked out a couple and my sister tried them on and they were going to need to be taken in. The lady incredulously looks at my sister and says something to the effect of "Are you sure you wear size 6 jeans? Why do you wear your jeans so big. They must be very loose on you. You are not a size 6. Go look in the size 4s." It still makes me laugh to think about it. Finally, she left us to ourselves because she couldn't figure us out (we were glad to be left alone!) and then we found "the dress."

I am so happy you found just what you wanted even though you weren't sure what it was when you walked into the store.

Monserrat said...

Thanks for sharing the dress shopping pics.!!