Monday, January 12, 2009

The Dress

Guess what? I bought my wedding dress! After just one shopping trip, trying on just 4 dresses - I found the one dress that I really, really love.
I'm sure a lot of you are finding that hard to believe because I have been so terribly opinionated about what I don't like about most wedding dresses. And, no my dress doesn't look a think like either one of them pictured above. *wink*
I got it at David's Bridal & it only took us about 2 hours to get it picked out & outfitted. I walked in with my Mom & she said something about how she kind of knew right away what kind of dress my sister Beth would get but that she didn't have any idea what "my style" was. I kind of laughed & said that could be a problem b/c I didn't know what "my style" was either! We talked to the sales girl & she helped me pick out 3 sheath style dresses & one with a bit more of an a-line silhouette. The first one was yuck. Spaghetti straps & too naked. The second one was really pretty. I actually liked it very much. It had an illusion back with some beautiful beading & thin straps. The skirt was really chiffon-y & flowy. It kind of made me feel like another person. But it was LOW in front & the alterations lady tried all kinds of things to make me feel comfortable with it - including putting one of those lacy add-on sleeves across the neck like a modesty panel. I'm sure the sales staff thought I was nuts. We eventually decided that we could use a chiffon-y sash & make a slightly drapey inset. I think it could have worked, but it seemed so forced. We were going to have to change a lot to make it work. So I decided that maybe I needed to try on the others & that it probably wasn't The Dress. Dress #3 was kind of a trumpet skirt style that was all-over lace with some beading. It was way too low (I know you're surprised by that comment!) & really just too heavy. I couldn't imagine having to wear it for a long period of time. So then on to #4 -- drum roll!!! I put on this dress & it just fit. The shoulders need to be taken in a bit, but I didn't have to suck it in, the sales girl didn't have to use clothes just zipped right up, I stepped out of the fitting room & in front of the mirror. I just Loved it immediately. I read in several articles that you'll just "know" your dress when you put it on & that your heart will pound & you might even kind of catch your breath - I was so smugly cynical about all of that until the moment I saw myself in The Dress. I turned around to ask my mom & Beth what they thought & they totally agreed. Yeah! It was a unanimous decision.
So then, accessories. In no time at all I had my slipper shoes picked out (if I wanted to wear heels I would have had to order a Tall dress - no thanks!) & the sales girl asked me about a veil. I had firmly decided no veil before I went in there b/c I'm a little worried it would bug me by being all in my face, etc. I thought I'd just wear a pretty flower in my hair & call it a day. Well, they made me try one on & it was PERFECT. And if we hook it up under my updo like we did at the store, it won't be in my face at all. & comfort! more thing taken care of! I'm liking this planning thing (heehee - I know it gets more involved & probably a lot less fun from here!).


Michael & Sandra said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you. Good job finding THE DRESS in such a short period of time. You will have such fun in planning and your special day will be worth any of the times when it isn't so much fun. :)

ruth said...

That's an awesome story about finding your dress! In my experience, the wedding plans became more fun to me too after finding THE dress because I just couldn't wait to wear it. :)

Congratulations (not just on finding the dress ;) but on everything!)