Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I really AM trying...

not to hate snow. When we were at Northland, I learned to hate the stuff. It made everything such a struggle. One time when we were walking to class I made the famous remark that the pine trees looked so tired. Their branches were drooping so low with the weight of the snow. My friends never let me forget saying that. Well, the tress here in my town are tired this morning! We have about 10 inches here & let me tell you, that is no fun to drive in. I took a broom out with me this morning to clean off my car so that I could drive to work. My little Corolla with ground effects doesn't get around so good in this much white stuff. I basically plowed my street with my bumper. The Lord was very good to help me not get stuck. Not so much for several of our work vehicles. My boss got a Ford Ranger stuck in our driveway this morning at about 4 a.m. Ed & I went out later this morning & with the help of a couple neighbors we at least got it back on the driveway & back in the parking lot. I have never pushed so hard in my life. My boots are a little slippery on the bottom so I fell at least once. Not a total face plant, but close! ;-) We had just got back inside, had some hot coffee & yummy fig newtons (thanks Ed!) when a couple of our drivers came back from their first run. They got both of their Vibes stuck in the lot. My boss went out this time & I've been alone in the office ever since. They are out there digging & pushing & making a time of it. We are all soaked, cold, & exhausted. So, I'm tempted to sit here & think dark, ugly, I-hate-it-so-much thoughts about the snow. Instead, I'm going to attempt an attitude change & try to come up with a little list of reasons why I try to like snow:
1. It gives the world a daytime glow at night. Last night I looked out my bathroom window & instead of seeing the somewhat scary dark alley, I saw a vast expanse of snow glowing brightly.
2. When there is snow on the sidewalk, I can look in the morning and see if someone has walked past my house during the night. Yep, I'm totally paranoid about being in my house alone. I like to know if anyone has been near me in my sleep. You can feel free to pray for my sanity.
3. It can be a good reason to stay home. Last night I got off work, went to the Y & did my training for the Mini, went home. And stayed there. Ahhh...uninterrupted hours in my own home. I should have done something reasonable like clean. But I watched a movie, visited with Mike, helped him do a couple of things in the kitchen...very nice, relaxing hours.
4. You get to check up on people you love. I talked to Mike (via text), my mom, & my sister this morning. I love those little check-ins. But it can get a little annoying to some people on a day to day basis. Nearly a foot of snow gives you license to call just about anyone to say, "Are you doing ok? Get to work all right? Need anything?" without sounding like you want to manage their life or smother them.
5. Although today has been very hectic as we have tried to recover stranded vehicles, had delayed delivery times, etc. there is still kind of a party atmosphere here in the office. When the drivers come in they are kind of jubilant. They have this attitude of "I made it! I'm a MAN! The snow shall not stop me!" and they tell their story a little too loud. We all listen very actively & oohh & aahhh appropriately. There is much more conversation to be had out of these men, on a day like today!
6. I can drink too much coffee without feeling guilty. I normally keep myself at a certain limit (3-4 cups) every morning. Not sure how much I've had today! When I'm cold & wet, I just gotta have something hot in my hands & a coffee mug is the perfect fit.

That's all I can think of right now. I was shooting for 10, but fell short. Oh well. I think I'm going to go look out the window. A co-worker is leaving for the day & he is parked right by my car. My boss just said something like, "I hope he doesn't spin & hit your car!" Not good.


Anonymous said...

We love the snow! But we do not have to get out in it. WE enjoy sledding...and I have learned to really enjoy it this winter. I do not think we got 10 inches, but maybe 7.-Becky

Erin said...

Thanks for the laugh...I needed it ths morning. As soon as you said snow, I knew what was coming. Sorry we teased you so much, but it was too good to pass up. I'm starting to think the South looks better every day! I'm agreeing with you more and more on the hate relationship. I love you though!