Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Few More Goals...

You know that old saying that you gotta shoot for something or you'll be sure to hit nothing? That's why I make goals! Otherwise, yep, I'd be doing a whole lot of nothing!

*Wash dishes more often. I know this sounds gross, but Mike & I don't get to eat at home very often. So our dirty dish collection mainly consists of plastic-ware that we use to take our lunches/dinners. Plus, if I'm not washing dishes that day I make sure they are all rinsed. But having them piled high & counter top full is overwhelming. Gotta tackle them daily when I'm not two-jobbing it.
*Do some laundry through the week. Laundry is a chore that doesn't vex me at all. I appreciate the exercise I get toting it to the basement & back. I enjoy sorting, folding, putting away. Maybe it's b/c I'm drugged by the April Fresh Scent, who knows? But I tend to save all the laundry for Saturday b/c it feels like I need several hours at home to finish a load or two. But that makes for a lotta work on Saturday. Gotta step it up during the week.
*Speaking of stepping it up during the week...I would like to make up some kind of house cleaning schedule that would assign certain tasks to be done during the week. Lately I've saved it all for Saturday (thank God we have a small house!) but as a result, our Saturdays are hardly relaxing. Also, if there is a special occasion on a Saturday the cleaning doesn't get completely done.
*Begin keeping the Sabbath more faithfully. This one is actually a big deal to Mike. I have always been faithful in church attendance, morning & night, but I usually use the afternoon to catch up, do chores, get ready for the week, etc. I used to laughingly say to Mike that my ox was in a ditch. His reply was that my ox was ALWAYS in a ditch. He would prefer that we not shop that day as well. He isn't die hard about it, he just wants us to be conscious of it. I think he's right & I want to begin to conform to that way of thinking myself.

I feel like there's lots of work to do, but we'll just say it's a work in progress!

~Little update - Beth & I went running yesterday & I'm going again today after work. It totally helped combat my fatigue & achey-ness. yay!


Erin said...

Whew - Just reading that made me tired. I'm going to bed now. Only two more full weeks of summer and then I can try to accomplish some of my own goals too.

ruth said...

Good for you, Mary Ann! Keep up the good work. I've made chore lists before, but I never follow through. You've inspired me to try again. :)