Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh my, oh my!

This is me starting to sound like an old person - what happened to my summer? it's over ALREADY & I'm not ready for that!!! Time just seems to go faster & faster...

Tomorrow when I flip my calendar page it will look like this:

See that word written across the top? Yep, it really does say SEPTEMBER. *GASP! CHOKE! SPUTTER!*

Yes, I am in disbelief at how fast this summer has gone by. We've been busy getting married & all. *grin* I am a true hot weather lover. I don't love the humidity (who wants frizzy hair??). But I love hot sunshine. Feeling warm in my skin. Working up a good sweat - I'm convinced it's healthy! Being outside, wearing tank tops & flip flops. Ahhh...all good things in my book.

But I'm feeling a little blue as this August wraps up. I totally have missed the Ride-Your-Bike-To-Work season. The nights are too cold & the mornings are too dark. I'll guess I'll have to double enjoy it next year. *sigh*

I also could probably count on two hands the times I actually got sweaty this summer. This is due to several factors.

#1 I'm cold blooded like a scaly reptile. It's awful always being so cold (I type this while my space heater blows it's warm breath on my feet. Crazy, isn't it?)

#2 We have had the mildest summer I can remember. I don't remember more than 2 or 3 days where the high was in the nineties. Ridiculous.

#3 I haven't been able to get out & around to run/walk/ride my bike. It's just been too hectic. It's been a little more difficult (not really the right word, but it will have to do) to adjust my time management since we've gotten married. When I get home & Mike is there I don't really like to leave again. He's not a runner & his work is really physical so he isn't motivated to go walk or bike or whatever most days. Therefore I have had a hard time trying to figure out when it is best for me to get this thing moving. And believe me, I need to get this thing moving!

So, here's to fall. yay. wahoo. yippee skippee.

At least I'm trying to be happy about it! *little grin*

As I force myself to mediate on things like Fall Festivals, hot dog roasts, all things yummy & pumpkin flavored I'm going to ask you - what do you most look forward to as the season changes to autumn?


Alicia said...

I hear ya -- my summer whooshed by way too fast this year too!

Hmm, so much about fall that I like . . . I like wearing hooded sweatshirts and going for brisk walks with the kids pointing out all the beautiful changing leaves. Hoping to go apple picking this fall too. Never done that before so that should be a fun experience.

Is it too cold for you to bike to work yet this month?

Anonymous said...

The colors!!! I love PA in the fall.

Sharon said...

I love FALL!!!! I think it has to be one of my favorite seasons. A side note ~ I have enjoyed running without the humidity. I can actually get a full breath!

Mary Ann said...

Alicia ~ yeah, it's too cold me for. It's been in the 50's every night this week. Also, I have to be at work at 7 a.m. & due to DST, it's still dark. Wah!

Bekah, I agree about the colors. We are fortunate b/c the two trees in our yard turn a really pretty red. Love it!

Sharon, you're right about the humidity being gone. It makes running much more enjoyable.