Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Should I? Or should I Not?

A magazine I was reading recently had information about an essay contest they were sponsoring. Immediately I got kind of excited. I love to write; I love words. I could be considered a very verbal person (heehee!). That means I really like to talk. And writing is just talking in another form. At least to me it is.
The theme for the essay is to describe the moment when you first felt like a grown-up. This topic is extremely fascinating to me, just having become a wife. In my early 30's, no less. So I should feel like a grown up. But I'm telling you, I still feel like that moment of true grown-up-ness has eluded me! Perhaps I am incurably immature or co-dependent upon my family. I'm sure I would be interesting to psycho-analyze, but then who wouldn't be?
Anyway, I have begun to ponder when that moment may have occurred for me. Maybe I just don't pay attention & it has been happening for a good long time. Yesterday & today when I have had my head in the hood drawing up doses I've pondered moments of potential grown-up-ness.
*leaving to go to college out of state (but this one doesn't really count b/c I was a certifiable mess of mushy tears & throat lumps)
*interviewing for jobs/composing a resume
*moving out on my own
*most recently, getting married *sigh* what a wonderful thing!
*when my parents consult me about things rather than me seeking their counsel - this one shows up most in the arena of medication, it makes me kinda nervous b/c I am not a pharmacist; I really just know enough about drugs to be dangerous
*making huge purchases all on my own - new car, house
*traveling in another country all by myself
That's as far as I've gotten in my pondering & I'm not sure that there is something enough in that list to write a really good essay. Plus it scares me to death to submit something for someone else to critique.
Therefore, I await your opinions. Should I write the essay & enter the contest? Or should I not write the essay & enter the contest?


ruth said...

DEFINITELY write the essay and enter. I would really enjoy reading it.

Now, you've got me thinking about this question. I can't honestly say that I feel like a grown-up now, but there are flashes of realization that I am in fact an adult on different occasions. It's usually little things too, not the big life-changing things like getting married or buying a home. I wonder if it will take having kids myself to make it really sink in? Hmmmm

carol said...

I love the new profile pictues

Erin said...

What do you have to lose? Go for it.

Adele said...

I vote go for it! I think it's a neat opportunity. Hard to decide which thing to use though. Maybe that is the point you could make though - it isn't always one thing that makes you feel that way, it's a compilation of things.