Friday, August 28, 2009

Staycation Accomplishments!

I always seem to plan more tasks than I actually have time for (a habit of mine that Mike just shakes his head at). My staycation was a classic example of my tendency to over plan, but I still feel like it was a raging success! I was determined to get up every day & see Mike off to work & then dive in! That image above is a tiny picture of my two page To Do List. You can see several things marked off with blue & then several other things circled in red. The circled items are the ones I didn't get to ~ YET.
Here's the Blue - what I got done!
*Finished the wedding Thank you notes
*Put remaining wedding gifts away ~ 'a place for everything & everything in it's place' takes on new meaning when you have two people with lots of stuff living in a tiny house ;-)
*Updated my driver's license (did you know that in Indiana you are no longer allowed to SMILE in your d.l. pic? I was aghast ~ & my pic shows it! lOl)
*Got my hair cut & colored. It is so nice to have layers again. We had let it kind of grow like crazy so that it was long enough to updo for the wedding. Now it's nice & layered again (although still a bit longer than I want; all of a sudden Mike likes it longer!)
*Water the magnolia tree (times two)
*Exercise every day ~ I ran, walked, biked & it was great!
*Refill the shampoo/conditioner/body wash dispenser
*Clean the storage cabinet in the basement
*Reorganize bathroom closet & move extra supplies to storage cabinet in the basement
*Reorganize the china cabinet & built-in hutch
*Store trifle set
*Go through cookbooks
*Go through bookshelves
*Go through desk drawers
*Organize & store gift wrap supplies (if anyone needs any wedding themed gift bags JUST LET ME KNOW!) :-)
*Replace broken light cover in bathroom
*Put scuff pads on dining chair feet
*Budget/make deposit/pay bills
*Tidy/reorganize night stand
*Store down mattress (if anyone needs one of these, I would be willing to gift it to them; it kept me warm all last winter but Mike doesn't want to use it - something to do with the fact that he is ALWAYS HOT!)
*Make grocery list
*Grocery shop at Kmart (double coupons), Walmart, & Kroger (in MaryAnn speak that phrase actually means "Wear yourself out trying to hurry & get all the deals!)
*Clean the coffee pot
*Find lost sunglasses (yay!)
*Move alarm clock to my side of the bed
*Clean all ceiling fans
*Dust bedroom, living room, dining room, & kitchen
*Shine up & disinfect the bathroom
*Mop kitchen & bathroom floors
*Sweep bedroom, living room, & dining room floors
*Load all donations & recyclable in the car & drop off at Goodwill (this was a hilarious sight to see! my entire car was full - I looked like someone who was trying to live out of their car!)
that's a little exclamation my g-ma always lets rip whenever she gets a big task done *grin*
she's so sweet & fun!
So, I hope you will rejoice with me about all that got accomplished (if you are still reading!). I know this is seriously boring to anyone else but me; however, I feel compelled to record my accomplishments because I find it so encouraging!
Now on to the red circles...I hang my head in shame (heehee!)
*Find receipts for my health care spending account. It would seem that the HCS people have no problem with me swiping my card to buy vitamins & contact solution. It's quite another story to use it to pay my doctor or dentist. Figure that one out. It vexes me so bad that I've put this little project off for a couple of months. I finally decided that I would like to use the rest of MY money that they are holding. ~UPDATE: I mailed this off yesterday so now it's a BLUE!
*Write the essay. I still want to get this one done. The deadline is sometime in the first week of September so there is still a chance I can enter the contest. I'm hoping this weekend I'll have some quiet time to put some thoughts on paper.
*Cross stitch. I'm really ashamed about this one. I started a lovely Christmas gift for my Aunt Ruth & Uncle Allan last year. I have it 8/10 of the way done & it's still not finished. *blush* R&A - I haven't forgotten! Please forgive! I promise it will be done before this December so that you can use it in your Christmas decorating! Love you both!
*Vacuum out car.
*Wash car - I'm glad this one isn't done yet. Sometime this week some sort of bird colony has moved into our trees & I'm sure you can imagine what this has done to my car; I won't elaborate. It still has to be done though, the poor thing is covered in tree sap & you know what!
*Get kitchen table from church. This is the table we used for our wedding cake. We cannot seem to remember to bring it home with us! It's getting embarrassing b/c it had to be moved out of the fellowship hall Wednesday night so they could set up for a dinner this next Sunday. Oops!
*Go through my file cabinet.
*Replace light bulb in our shower.
*Clean the register covers in the kitchen & bathroom
*Upload pics from the wedding ~ so sorry! I am so not computer savvy & there are several hundred pics. I need to go through them & create a couple of files that can be easily uploaded that have the most important pics. Someday soon, I promise!
That is my complete report. I hope no one is disappointed in my productivity! I have created a (much smaller) list for this weekend, too. What are you all doing to get things done or just have fun? I'm determined to try to savor as much outdoor time as I can as autumn sneaks in on us! Great weekend wishes to you all!


TwoMuths said...

I had to stifle a giggle at "if anyone needs wedding themed gift bags..." I'm good for several years still - and we will celebrate 6 years in December. I think I'll throw a couple bundles in next season's garage sale. THANKFULLY we got married at Christmas time and there were a good portion of seasonal bags, too, otherwise our gift wrap area(s) would be a major fire hazzard.

GREAT JOB on your list! Awesome!

Karis said...

I understand your excitement to report about your list, and I am rejoicing with you. I think you did a fabulous job getting things done. What a great staycation. I always write down a longer list of things than I can get done in a day or weekend too, but it doesn't discourage me that everything doesn't get done. I just like having it all written down so I don't have to think about it. :-)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Erin said...

Wow! I'm tired just reading that. It is always such an accomplishment to get tasks like that done. I'm glad you took some time to do it. Hopefully it takes away some stress. Love you!

ruth said...

Great job, Mary Ann!!! YOu should not feel ashamed about the incomplete items. You got a lot accomplished!

ruth said...

Great job, Mary Ann!!! YOu should not feel ashamed about the incomplete items. You got a lot accomplished!