Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's That Time Again!

I have got to shake off the lazy-girl-vacation-mode! Time to get back to disciplined & organized! Time to simplify & prioritize! Time to morph into Super Woman by being Super Efficient!
I can dream, right? *grin*
Anyway, I have been reflecting the last couple of days on how I have been feeling vaguely off. You know what I mean? I just feel achy, fatigued, guilty for things that aren't getting done or things that I'm eating that I shouldn't or things that I should be eating but I'm not...get the idea?
So ~ time to do my goal-setting, mind-readjusting, attitude-fixing blog post! If you feel like you have read this before it's because you probably have! I'm seriously freaky about having goals & lists; I can't help myself.
1. Continue getting to bed at an earlier time (gotta start off on a positive note - this is one thing I've been better at post 07/11)
2. Implement a regular exercise/running routine. Beth & I have already determined to get together to break a sweat at least once a week. In fact, we are walking this afternoon. Now I need to be faithful with my gettin' up & goin' at least five days a week.
3. Start taking my vitamins.
4. Begin weekly meal planning. This really needs to be done so that I can avoid 'snack meals'. My dad says I am a progressive eater (& he is so right!) b/c when there isn't a meal prepared I graze from item to item in the pantry & in the fridge. A little bit of this & a little bit of that doesn't seem bad until you add them all together. Then it equals a whole lot of NOT GOOD!
5. Reevaluate existing To Do Project Lists for the house. Pick a starting point, grab Mike's hand, jump in!
6. Start reading again. Even if it's just five minutes a day. I have some seriously good material sitting around the house just waiting for me to grab it & dive in.
7. Continue researching greener ways to clean & live. Continue recycling at home & as much as possible at work.
8. Create a perpetual birthday calendar for friends & family therefore avoiding guilt that occurs when they remember my b-day & I haven't the faintest clue when theirs is. *blush*
Oh, I think that's enough for today! Anybody out there have any goals to suggest or goals that they are reaching for?


Erin said...

It's so good to have goals. You're pretty determined, so I have no doubt that you will accomplish at least most of them.

Adele said...

At this point in my life I have one main goal:

1. Survive. :)

Actually, one of our goals is to have a yard sale, so I'm trying to go through stuff to get ready for that. I really want to downsize before it's urgently required when a container is sitting in my front yard. We thought we downsized before we moved from IL, but we definitely have more work to do. Living in a larger house does not help!

I also need to get organized for the next school year. Hoping to start school in two weeks. Yikes!

Also trying to better maintain the house from day to day and between weekend trips.

I want to add one more to your list: Relax and spend time with my new hubby Mike. The rewards of completing that goal will last for a lifetime. :)

Karis said...

This post is so me! I too am freaky about goals and lists. And right now, I'm in survival mode until "morning" sickness goes away so I'm feeling "off" in more ways than one. But, I hope to have a good several months between the end of morning sickness and the arrival of baby to become organized again. Because I have a feeling... that since two kiddos fill my time already, that I'm going to find three is really stretching especially since my heart yearns to continue to improve my French proficiency to at least tolerable. :-)