Friday, August 7, 2009

Headed Out!

This will be me in just a few short hours! Sadly, I will not be in a convertible; no one wants to deal with the hair hardship that the wind would cause anyway! This evening I am headed out to my brother's house in KY for our little family vacation. The last couple of years we have all spent time at Holiday World & camped out at Lake Rudolph. This year we decided to go for something a little more economical & different. We chose Andy & Valerie's place b/c they love to have company in their big house, there are lots of fun & inexpensive things to do around there, & it's not too far away. Ta da! They are a winner!

Mom, Dad, Beth, Caleb & Maddie are already there. I couldn't get out of work these last two days b/c my boss is at a national meeting. If he's not here, I gotta be. Boo! Plus Mike can't go with me so I am adjusting my departure/return times so that we spend the least amount of time apart. I know, I know...I'm cheesy & pathetic but I love the guy & I'm gonna miss him!

All I have to do is endure a little more work time (please Lord, let it fly by!), run a couple of errands, finish a couple of chores, pack, eat dinner with my man (zucchini lasagna - yum!), & then hit the road by 5:30 or 6.

My intention is to pack my digital camera, after checking to be sure the batteries are fresh & that there truly is a memory card in it. Then I intend to actually take some pics with said camera. Then hopefully I can have a much more interesting post about the weekend!

I hope you all have a great weekend - enjoy the summer weather, be outside & have fun!

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Alicia said...

Have a smashing good time! You'll have to give me that zucchini lasagna recipe if it's good. My kids only like zucchini when it's unidentifiable in muffins. ;)