Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Only about seven working hours to go & then I am on STAYCATION for the rest of the week! I never dreamed there would come a time in my life when I would plan to take time off just to STAY HOME but that time has come. In the past, paid time off was carefully hoarded in order to take some fabulous trips - Hawaii, Utah, Austria, South Carolina (those were a few of my favorite vacation places). These days, my desires, finances, & paid time off revolved around a little something more than myself & spending time with friends ~ namely my husband & our house. There is a lot of work to be done, people!

Being the psycho that I am, since there is work to be done there are goals to be set & lists to be made! I have several appointments to keep during these days off ~ a meeting with DeAnn tomorrow afternoon to get my hair dealt with (the gray & the length - ugh!), prayer meeting/choir practice tomorrow night, & running with Beth. All other moments in the next three days are mine to work with. And work I will!


*Run/workout every day

*Finish all wedding thank you notes.

*Get my new driver's license (new name, new address ~ I've been putting this off for a while)

*Finish putting away/organizing all of our wedding gifts. It may seem like we are taking a super long time to accomplish this task. It is taking a long time. But our justification is that we have put things away. Now we are in the process of reevaluating. Is that really the best place for this item? Should it go here with this other thing instead? That kind of thing. Also, I intend to do some more weeding out. We will not be having another yard sale, so...

*Make a huge run to Goodwill. Dump off recyclables & donations.

*Detail my car ~ man oh man oh man, does it need it!

*Double coupon shop at Kmart!

*Clean the house from front to back from top to bottom. Dare I say it needs it? Yes, yes it does!

*Write my essay for the contest I posted about earlier. If I get it done, if it feels like it might be any good, & if you want me to (comment if you do!) I'll post it here.

*If I get the chance (& the computer access) I would like to upload all of the wedding pics to facebook & link them here. I'm not sure how that gets done, but I want to try it. Plus I would like to post some before/after shots of our house ~ once I get it all clean & tidied up, of course!

My greatest desire is to whack off as much as I can from this list so that Mike & I can enjoy a true 'do nothing' kind of weekend. I cannot remember the last time we slept in, just watched a movie, or slummed around on a day off. WE. NEED. IT. *grin*

So I suppose I'm probably signing off for the week. I'll let you know what all I get done! Anybody else out there tackling any big projects? Or are you just keeping your heads above water? :-)


Theo-Ann said...

Wow, what a list! You go, girl! Hope it all gets done.:) Keep us posted.

Erin said...

Please start with uploading your pictures to Facebook, so I can see them. I'm dying to see your pictures. Actually I'm taking a chunk of time off in September and going to my parents. I'd love to see you while I'm there. Maybe Becky can come over too.

Karis said...

I like your plan -- get lots done when hubby is at work and then a "do nothing" kind of weekend! That sounds like a great staycation to me. For me, nothing big being attempted here. Just trying to keep my head above water until the "morning" sickness is gone and the energy burst kicks in. :-)

I've enjoyed catching up on your posts! I love your conversational writing style. :-) You make me smile probably because I identify with you so often.

ruth said...

Good luck! And please do post your essay when it is finished!

Adele said...

Ditto on posting your essay and I'd love to see wedding pics too! Hope you got a lot done (since I'm reading this a week late!).