Friday, February 12, 2010

A Little Wisdom From My Husband

You are all too familiar with my whining about being cold at work. Mike gets a little unsympathetic with me because the company that he works for heats the manufacturing lines only just enough to keep the pipes from freezing. So he heads out to work on days like today all layered up with thermals, several shirts & coveralls. Poor guy definitely has flexibility issues when he is dressed like that. Anyway, the other day when I was contemplating my return to work post-surgery & worrying about being so cold all day he had a suggestion for me. I have a pair of bright red running tights. They are red like 'I'm-having-a-midlife-crisis-and-I-need-to-buy-a-red-convertible' red. Tights kinda like these:

Only mine are down to the ankle & I am NOT that skinny. Nor will I ever be. That's just being mean to everyone else.

Mike said that I should definitely be layering said red running tights underneath my jeans. Hmmm...since I was worried about the type of being cold where I involuntarily tighten up all of my stomach muscles, I decided to give it a try. It is not a bad idea. I have definitely been warmer. And I feel the need to chuckle. On the outside I have been wearing typical for me kind of outfits - dark wash jeans (the dark wash seems just a lil bit more dressier, don't you think) & a nice sweater with boots or dressy clogs. But underneath I know there is a layer of ridiculously funny red tights - heehee! Ultra red tights that totally clash with the rest of the outfit - it's like my own private joke!

I know...I am far too easily amused.

My other private joke is that the jeans I chose to wear today should have had a test run. They put just a little too much hurting on my still sore, puffy tummy. So I had to do the ridiculous - I looped a rubber band through the loop & over the button. I feel a little bit like I overindulged at Thanksgiving dinner...

Here's hoping the rest of the 'puff' goes away very, very, very soon. I'm looking forward to a whole weekend of swishy pants & elastic waists (except for church, of course). I got my friend Autumn to go mall-walking with me last night. I was slow as a turtle but I managed to walk about 1 1/3 miles. Gonna give it another go today & tomorrow. Gotta get this thing moving & get my energy back!

Anybody have any more exciting plans for the weekend? Or any tips for my post-surgery recovery? I am really hating the fatigue; I am hoping more activity will squash it!


Theo-Ann said...

I sometimes wear thermal underwear under my jeans and it helps a lot. It's been soooo cold this winter. I am so looking forward to the spring. As for your recovery, rest when your body needs to rest. Exercise is good, and my doctor recommended it, too, but if you rush into things too fast, it will take longer to recover. Drink lots of fluids, too. I've had two abdominal surgeries, so I understand being puffy and sore. Just take it easy; it will go away soon.

Rebecca said...

LOL!! It's like the old ladies of the 1800's that wore a red petticoat! My husband wears the red union suits when he works outside in the cold. That one is really funny!
Hope you get back to 100% soon!