Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Friends

Let me introduce you to a couple of my sweet, through thick & thin friends. Amoke' is on the left with her youngest daughter Anya passing by. I have known Amoke' since the ninth grade (can you believe that was 18 years ago???). Amanda is in the middle, holding her daughter Merideth (& she's holding her newest baby there in front - Lauren, due on March 27th). I've known Amanda since second grade & I am NOT going to do the math for you on that one!
I just realized looking at these pics that we look like stair steps - ha!
Amoke' had a 31 Gifts party at her house last Saturday. I had never heard of 31 Gifts (very interesting business that sells mostly personalized bags). I ordered an over-the-shoulder purse. I'll post a pic when I get it. Especially if I like it :-)
We had a great time together with some of Amoke's other friends with the little girls running round. Merideth was very sweet & let me hold her quite a bit - even though in this pic it looks like she wants down - ha! I was so glad to see Amanda & Merideth because they live about an hour away. With the way our schedules conflict I hadn't been able to see her since the wedding this past summer. Definitely time for some catching up!
So Mo - here's your blog shout out that you were wanting :-) Better leave me a comment!


Anonymous said...

Ok I am sufficiently satisfied with my shout outs!


Mary Ann said...

Gotta keep you happy, Mo! :-)