Friday, February 19, 2010

Making Progress!

I told Mike this past Sunday that during the course of this week I wanted to reach a couple of goals.

1. Be able to wear a belt again. I don't know if you feel this way about modern jeans, but they just do not stay where they should unless I am wearing a belt. Since my middle has been so tender a belt has been out of the question.

2. Be able to wear a skirt & tights for next Sunday's services.

3. Be able to walk longer & faster.

I can report progress on two of the three goals!

I can now wear a belt - all day! Granted, it is not a leather belt. It's actually one of those woven ones with white & multi-colored stripes - yikes! Not exactly the most fashionable piece in my wardrobe, but definitely handy right now!

I am able to walk a lot further & some faster. I walked two miles last night. Since I have not been timing myself at all I can't give any exact report on the improvement of my pace but I assure you, there has been improvement!

I've decided not to try putting on tights or a skirt until tomorrow when I get things ready for Sunday. I have high hopes of reaching all three goals!

Simple pleasures, I know. The truth is, I am feeling better every day. Not 100% maybe, but definitely in the high 90's. Thank God for helping me through this. I know that my surgery was nothing compared to health situations that other people have struggled with, but it was my first major anything health-wise. I'm so so so so so glad to be this far on the other side of it. And feeling more & more like running, jumping, & being crazy - more like being my normal spastic self!

I have just a little over an hour left in my work week; I've been in countdown mode since yesterday *grin* Weekends are precious, you know? We don't have any major plans. I have a ladies' work meeting to attend at church tonight. Mike has plans to make a piece of furniture for our living room. I'm so excited to watch him come up with a plan & then make the wood conform to the plan. It's an amazing process. And it will keep him busy for the bulk of the weekend. I need to get some cleaning & sewing done. And I'm going to attend a 31 Gifts party at Amoke's house. I've never been to one of those before & I'm a little bit excited to see what they have to offer. Probably lots of things that I like & nothing that I need :-)

What are your weekend plans?

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Rebecca said...

Hurray for progress!!! So glad you are feeling better! My plans are less exciting than yours. I am working. I have church in between.

So how did the furniture turn out? Post a picture.