Friday, February 26, 2010

Less Than An Hour To Go!

And then the weekend will be here! Not that I'm counting down or anything...ahem.

This weekend is going to be a balancing act of fun, chores, & hopefully project progress. Tonight we are having dinner with Mike's family b/c his brother will be here from out of town. Good times will ensue.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to catch my nephew & niece's last b-ball game of the season. Caleb is a baller & Maddie is a cheerleader. They have been so fun to watch this year.

Tomorrow afternoon a local college is having a basketball game that is free to the community. Beth & her clan as well as Mom & Dad are headed out to that. Since Mike is once again planning on being ensconced in his workshop with the new project I think I will tag along with them.

That is IF I get all my work done. The weekend is still the best time for me to clean, do laundry, & catch up on ironing, etc. I also have some sewing projects that have been begging pitifully for my attention. I have my little (read, HUGE) to do list ready for some marking off action. We'll see what I can get done so that I can fit in all the fun :-)

A Short Report On Last Week's Goals:

*I have been wearing a leather belt for several days now. What a relief to feel less tender & puffy! (Amoke' you can breathe easy - the steristrips & adhesive are all gone!)

*I can walk much more quickly now. I walked 2 miles several times this week & I am well within the 15 minute mile pace. I used to be able to walk one in 14 minutes. There is a 5k that Caleb & Beth are participating in a couple of weeks. I hope to join them. No running this race, but hopefully I can start my running up again very soon.

*I wore a regular skirt & tights to church last Sunday. It's probably silly & maybe more than a little vain to be so concerned about it, but I just felt like I looked so much better wearing a nice skirt with tights rather than a denim skirt with knee socks. I felt more like me :-)

So what's your plan for the weekend? Anybody doing anything really fun?

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Erin said...

So glad to hear you're on track with your goals. I'm glad you're feeling better. Have a great weekend!