Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Aidan's Fifth Birthday

A couple of weekends ago my sister, Beth & her daughter Madison & I all loaded up for a quick one day trip to our brother's house in Kentucky. It was the day of his son's 5th birthday party & also his neighborhood's yard sale day. Yeehaw! We hit the open road early!
My poor sister in law, Valerie, was kind of confined to their house so that she could operate their sale so Andy took us around to do some shopping. It was some good yardsaling, folks. I found a wonderful Labradoodle named Cooper. I would soooo have bought him (much to Mike's dismay) but he wasn't for sale. Hmph.
But I did score an Ann Taylor Loft leather purse for $5. I was delighted with that. And my mom scored a Longaberger basket complete with plastic & fabric liner for $10. Not too shabby!

Anyway, back to important stuff - Aidan's birthday! He is obsessed with monster trucks. It's hilarious. So Valerie made him a monster truck cake. It was super cool.

I forget what the monster truck's name was but it had something to do with being a Mutt. Sorry. Details aren't my forte.

Aidan obviously loved his cake. Way to go, Valerie! I personally was excited about the chocolate donut wheels. They were the kind that are yellow cakish in the middle. We call those wax donuts because the chocolate is so waxy. Doesn't sound good, I know, but I still love them.

Here is some of his birthday loot. It was a very good thing that Mike helped me pick Aidan's gift. I kept choosing things that Aidan would love but that his parents would hate - noisy, messy, millions of little pieces, etc. Mike kept reminding me that if we have kids someday, Andy & Valerie would totally go for paybacks. I married such a wise man *grin*

Happy birthday, Aidan! We had a lot of fun that day - but it went fast, for sure!
*DISCLAIMER: I do not recommend a one day trip to Kentucky for the faint of heart.

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Rebecca said...

Fun! You are such a good Aunt to drive so far for a Bday party!