Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Little Trial

Just over a week ago I cam home to find this box of goodies on our front porch.
Evidently I had filled out an online survey that made me a candidate for a trial of Herbal Essences new stuff. I think the major change has to do with new fragrances for their products. I have to use the shampoo, conditioner, & body lotion exclusively for two weeks.
This made me a little nervous for two very valid-to-me reasons.
I just got my hair colored. I paid good money for the work. This shampoo & conditioner do not mention that they are safe for colored treated hair. Oh no.
I like the fragrance of the products. But I am going to be running a lot. I am going to be outside tending flowers, mowing grass, visiting family members at camp. Is the lovely fragrance going to attract every tick & mosquito in the county? Oh no.

We will see what happens. I do have to admit that I am totally pumped to receive all three full sized bottles for absolutely free. And one week into Little Trial, I think I like the products. And I only have one mosquito bite.

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Rebecca said...

Hurray! Free is good!